What is a MOSFET? PANJIT Technology Applications for Engineers

MOSFETs (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors) are a type of semiconductor used for switching and amplifying electronic signals. MOSFETs have many applications in the automotive, transport, and communications sector.

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Nexperia’s NextPower MOSFETs offer best-in-class reliability and performance

Nexperia’s new NextPower 100V and 80V MOSFETs do not offer marginal improvements over the previous generation; they set a new standard of excellence.

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Alpha and Omega Semiconductor (AOS) Lead Times Provide Great Opportunity for OEMs

Reports have AOS lead times at almost half that of other semiconductor manufacturers. With chips in short supply right now, they might be the answer for both EMS and OEM companies.

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Infineon IR3550MTRPBF Integrated PowIRstage

As processors, graphics cards, and memory arrays become more sophisticated, they require similarly multifaceted power solutions. Infineon Technologies has addressed that technological need with its IR3550 Integrated PowIRstage. Learn about the features of IR3550 in this article.

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Infineon’s 600V Cool MOS G7 Power Transistor

Since its founding in 1999, Infineon Technologies has consistently strived to develop new and innovative semiconductor products. One of the firm’s notable successes is the 600V CoolMOS C7 Gold (G7) Series Power Transistors. The line of components represents a significant upgrade over previous generations in terms of efficiency, switching speed, and power density. Learn about the features and applications of this powerful series.

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What are ON Semiconductor Wide Bandgap SiC Devices?

ON Semiconductor Wide Bandgap Silicon Carbide (SiC) Devices incorporate a completely new technology that provides superior switching performance and higher reliability compared to silicon. The system benefits include the highest efficiency, faster-operating frequency, increased power density, reduced EMI, and reduced system size and cost.

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As Lead Times Grow for Power MOSFETS the Industry Adapts: Current Market Trends for MOSFETs

Read more about the current market trends for power MOSFETs and their many applications in the marketplace.

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