Alpha and Omega Semiconductor (AOS) logo; with semiconductors in short supply, manufacturers should look to AOS for crosses and alternates. Take a look at Sourcengine for more information on AOS lead time, availabilities and pricing.

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor (AOS) Lead Times Provide Great Opportunity for OEMs

Reports have AOS lead times at almost half that of other semiconductor manufacturers. With chips in short supply right now, they might be the answer for both EMS and OEM companies.

Microchip fabrication; as the global component shortage spills over into numerous other industries like renewable energy and cryptocurrency, OEMs will need new quoting tools to help. Check out Sourcengine's BOM quote tool.

Global Semiconductor Shortage Affecting Solar Power, Cryptocurrency, and Consumer Electronics Sectors

The worldwide semiconductor shortage is spilling into and affecting other verticals beyond the automotive industry. Now, industries such as cryptocurrency and solar power are feeling the component squeeze.

Individual using a smart phone to gain access via a touchless entry point system; for the latest electronic components industry trends in 2021, see Sourcengine.

Electronic Components Industry Trends in 2021: Contactless Entry Systems

Our latest entry in the Electronic Components Industry Trends series for 2021; contactless entry systems are already in high demand for obvious reasons. What are some of the components going into these helpful and life-saving systems? Find out here on Sourcengine.

Medical equipment on display; SL Power Electronics is an industry leader in medical field components. For more on buying its components, see Sourcengine.

SL Power Electronics Makes Exceptional Mission-Critical Power Solutions

SL Power Electronics harnesses its expertise in the areas of lighting, industrial, and medical fields to release mission-critical products that offer long-term dependability.

Person paying at a POS machine with a smart watch; for the latest on wearables component trends in 2021, see Sourcengine.

Electronic Components Industry Trends in 2021: Wearables

Though the electronic components industry has been riddled with shortages due to the automotive sector, it doesn't mean that development stops in other verticals. One to watch in 2021? Wearables. The pandemic has taken this vertical to new heights as everyone looks to monitor personal health.

Person holding a smartphone featuring a Samsung 3-socket mlcc; for all your Samsung component needs search and buy on Sourcengine.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics Unveils Ultra-Slim, 3-Socket MLCC with Smartphone and Automotive Applications

Samsung Electro-Mechanics has released a new, ultra-slim 3-socket MLCC that has applications not only for the smartphone industry but also the automotive industry. With the recent shortage of automotive components, this is a bit of news the industry can embrace right now.

Microchip set on a pcb; for the latest electronic components news and authorized resellers, see Sourcengine.

Raw Material Shortage Marks Latest Setback for Components Industry

A raw materials shortage is the latest setback for the global components industry. See how this, coupled with the ongoing automobile components shortage, will further impact supply chains around the world.

Foxconn logo set against game controllers and more devices; for latest information on Foxconn see Sourcengine.

Foxconn Wins Approval to Build New Manufacturing Plant in Vietnam

Foxconn has won approval to open a new, multi-million dollar manufacturing plant in Vietnam. The new plant will help diversify and open new routes in the electronic components supply chain.

5G tower set against the horizon; Qualcomm's incoming CEO, Cristiano Amon, says there is limitless potential in the new technology.

Qualcomm’s Next CEO Sees Limitless Potential in 5G

Qualcomm just tapped Cristiano Amon to be its next CEO. Where does the industry veteran see things going in the new decade? It will be all about 5G and its limitless potential in people's lives.

A microchip set against a prefabricated circuit board; a demand in semiconductors is leading to an industry-wide shortage and now price hikes.

Semiconductor Demand Results in Production Capacity Shortage

Semiconductor production capacity has been stretched to its breaking point, in large part due to demand from the automotive industry. How will the industry respond to such volatility in production capacity and pricing?

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