A stack of microprocessors with black boards and golden pins. | Sourcengine

Sourcengine can ship robust, high-performance microprocessors worldwide

Sourcengine has the microprocessors electronics manufacturers need in stock and available for shipment around the globe thanks to its many supplier relationships and global logistics network.

Four piles of electronic capacitors of various sizes and types. | Sourcengine

Sourcengine hosts many high-quality capacitors from KEMET and Cornell Dubilier

Sourcengine is now hosting a wide selection of high-quality capacitors from KEMET and Cornell Dubilier. These high-performance passives are available for immediate delivery to help manufacturers overcome their global chip shortage-related challenges.

An engineer holds a silicon wafer with a pair of tongs in front of a clear plastic case holding a series of silicon wafers. | Sourcengine

SMIC to establish $8.87 billion chip factory in Shanghai

Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC) announced it would spend $8.87 billion establishing a new 12-inch fab in Shanghai. It is also expanding the production capabilities of its other Chinese fabrication sites.

An autonomous robotic arm in the process of assembling a printed circuit board.

What the Global Semiconductor Supply Chain Could Look Like in 2030

The U.S.-China trade war, COVID-19, and the global chip shortage introduced major changes to the electronic components supply chain. The shifts brought about by recent events will create a very different semiconductor ecosystem by 2030.

Two autoworkers attend to a sedan chassis inside a modern car factory.

Automakers moving away from JIT inventory model post-global chip shortage

Several multinational carmakers are moving away from the “just-in-time” semiconductor inventory model because of problems they encountered during the global chip shortage. The paradigm shift could have major implications for OEMs, CMs, and EMS providers.

A closeup on a pile of inductors with copper winding and one with magnetic core. | Sourcengine

Erocore offers passive components the latest consumer electronics require

Erocore becoming an innovative player in the passive components sector. As a result, manufacturers can utilize its parts to meet robust demand for consumer electronics this holiday season.

A closeup of a Nvidia Jetson Nano module. | Sourcengine

Nvidia’s Jetson Nano unlocks the potential of the connected robotics & embedded analytics markets

Analysts believe the IoT-connected robotic and AI-enabled embedded analytics markets have explosive growth potential. Nvidia’s Jetson Nano is key to unlocking hugely lucrative opportunities across multiple industries.

A pile of connectors of varying sizes, colors. and types. | Sourcengine

Sourcengine now hosting world-class connectors from Amphenol, Molex, and TE Connectivity

Sourcengine has an extensive selection of fully traceable Amphenol Corporation, Molex, and TE Connectivity connectors in stock thanks to our partnership with a franchised distributor. Even better, the components are available for delivery worldwide

Eleven transistors of varying sizes in a pile | Sourcengine

Texas Instruments has the parts OEMs need to make the 2021 holiday season profitable

The global chip shortage has greatly strained the electronic components supply chain. However, Texas Instruments currently offers multiple parts to help OEMs, CMs, and EMS providers meet their holiday season production targets.

A worker inspecting a fully assembled PCB for flaws and signs of forgery within a laboratory setting.| Sourcengine

Global chip shortage prompting spike in component counterfeiting

Multiple industry insiders believe the global chip shortage has favorable conditions for unscrupulous counterfeiters. One criminal took advantage of the crisis to defraud some unsuspecting manufacturers out of $110,000.

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