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Sell Your Excess Electronic Components!

Upload your excess stock to quickly receive an estimate of the maximum return you can gain through selling your stock!
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Expand your digital presence to 100K+ professional buyers and reach an even wider audience

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The Benefits

Save Time and Space

Selling your excess stock opens up warehouse space and lowers operating costs.

Sell Your Way

Choose a selling model that best fits your needs and time constraints.

Get an Instant Estimate

See the estimated value of your excess in detail to decide which line items you would like to sell.

Gain Global Visibility

Your excess electronic components will be discoverable with indexed product detail pages available on all major search engines (Google, Bing, Baidu).

We Handle the Logistics

Once we have your parts we take it from there! We handle all the logistics, QC, billing & shipping.


What information am I required to send to start selling my excess?

  • You don’t have to provide everything up front, though best results are achieved with a Target Price. Simply upload a list of parts to get started, and we will guide you from there.

What is the Excess Estimator?

  • The Excess Estimator is a free-to-use application which evaluates your uploaded list of electronic component parts and instantly provides the maximum estimated resale values for those parts. It is intended to help you free up your books, warehousing space, and supply chain by affording easy options for selling your excess parts on Sourcengine.

When will my parts sell?

  • Parts sell depending on demand. Our estimates serve as initial price guidance. Pricing can be set manually from your side or ours depending on preference. Adding a Target Price during upload allows a more thorough assessment.

How does Sourceability help generate demand and support resale?

  • We run paid search campaigns to help you resell your parts across all major search engines. Many parts are also discoverable in organic campaigns.

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