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Sourcengine Industry Partners

Sourcengine collaborates with the best and brightest companies in their respective fields of expertise to provide our customers and suppliers with the tools and user experiences to drive growth for their businesses.  


Sourceability is a global technology company and hybrid distributor of electronic components. With 20 locations in 13 countries, the Sourceability team is the logistics backbone of Sourcengine. The global team at Sourceability ensures that Sourcengine customers have an experienced sourcing and support team behind every order placed on Sourcengine.
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Cadence applies its underlying Intelligent System Design strategy to deliver software, hardware, and IP that turn design concepts into reality. Its worldwide customers can accelerate their system designs through Cadence’s innovative PCB, packaging, and system analysis portfolio including the power of generative AI and cloud technology. Cadence and Sourceability provide design engineers with unparalleled market intelligence on electronics components.  Cadence OrCAD X Platform customers have direct access to Sourceability’s market intelligence tool, Datalynq, from within their EDA software which will enhance decision making, mitigate supply chain risk, and ensure design integrity.
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The CalcuQuote and Sourcengine collaboration provides contract manufacturers access to global offers of components across 3,500+ Sourcengine's suppliers. By integrating Sourcengine’s API as an additional source of component information, contract manufacturers that use CalcuQuote can combine the instant search and wide breadth of pricing and stock information provided by Sourcengine’s platform with the intuitive and EMS oriented design of CalcuQuote.
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Orbweaver has developed Business Automation Software for the Electronics Industry. Their proprietary data integration solutions enable clients to consume and distribute data, regardless of method or construction. Our partnership with Orbweaver provides assistance to OEMs, EMS’ and ODMs seeking integration of Sourcengine’s API directly with their ERP or other system(s), providing access to 3,500+ suppliers within their native operating system and eliminating the need to access external portals.
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Sourcengine is excited to announce a new partnership with CircuitByte that makes the electronic component procurement process even easier. As a result, firms can use CircuitByte’s BOM Connector to quickly and easily order components from our global e-commerce platform with over 1 billion parts.
Learn more about CircuitByte and its feature product: BOM Connector.
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Luminovo and Sourcengine teamed up to make quoting and sourcing components easier and faster for EMS providers. Electronic manufacturing services can use Luminovo’s RFQ software LumiQuote to access pricing, availability, compliance data, and product specifications from Sourcengine’s over 3,500 thoroughly vetted suppliers. This collaboration lets EMS providers turn their tedious analog parts searches into expedient digital information gathering.
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