Three Ways to Efficiently Source Components with CalcuQuote and Sourcengine

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Do you use CalcuQuote for rapid RFQ responses for your BOM? CalcuQuote is a comprehensive quoting software made for Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) companies. By automating RFQ processes, procurement managers no longer have to rely on long spreadsheets and even longer response times.

Now, Sourcengine is collaborating with CalcuQuote to make the buying process even more convenient for procurement staff. With over 3,500 sellers on our platform and a database of over 1 billion components (along with datasheets), Sourcengine enables buyers to shop for components from multiple stocking distributors or manufacturers direct in one place, while giving them an opportunity to issue one purchase order for an entire BOM. Sourcengine takes care of the procurement, logistics, and shipping –while even issuing a 3-year warranty on all parts purchased through its e-commerce platform.

3 ways CalcuQuote and Sourcengine’s collaboration make purchasing and BOM sourcing more efficient

  1. Up-to-date inventory levels via Sourcengine’s API data

    Through an API, CalcuQuote and Sourcengine are able to show buyers live data on pricing, stock levels, product specifications, and much more. Buyers can now compare the best pricing and delivery from all sellers for a desired part in one place.

  2. Reduce communication friction

    We all receive emails. Arguably, more emails than we desire. In the world of electronic components procurement, receiving too many emails often leads to a long and inefficient process, costing manufacturers a fortune. Here’s a typical buying process:

    • Buyer issues a request for quote (RFQ) to multiple vendors on the approved vendor list (AVL) for the same part(s) via email, requesting price and delivery time. This is often submitted in a spreadsheet or the emai litself.
    • Vendor sales reps respond to RFQ, often taking more than 24 hours to submit the answer because they need to consult with product managers or hear back directly from manufacturers.
    • Once the buyer receives all responses (usually a few days later), he or she needs to go through all the spreadsheets and decide which vendor offered the best pricing and lead time. This process can take a few days to complete (depending on how long the list of parts is). Once completed, the buyer needs to issue multiple purchase orders (POs) to multiple vendors…again, sent via email. We all know PDFs can easily get lost in the never-ending email threads.

    In the case of dealing with a few parts, this process might work. However, imagine having a list of hundreds (or even thousands) of parts.This process can be tedious and hard to manage.

    CalcuQuote uses an automated workflow process that stores all the information in one platform and is easy to manage in a user-friendly dashboard. With CalcuQuote, buyers can issue RFQs to participating sellers, one of them being Sourcengine, and receive responses directly to a user dashboard. From here, buyers can manage all the RFQs and POs in one spot.

  3. Automate transactional and quoting tasks

    There is a misconception that advanced software sourcing tools are expensive. While that applies to certain ERP integrations, sourcing tasks can be fulfilled inexpensively.

    Both CalcuQuote and Sourcengine exist because there is a need to help buyers solve procurement needs more efficiently. From BOM tools that can be filtered to show only the components that meet a target price (yes, this tool free) to consolidation of all incoming RFQs into one platform, both Sourcengine and CalcuQuote together will have what you’re looking for.

CalcuQuote + Sourcengine: Complementing tools for a successful procurement cycle

These platforms are designed for efficiency, cost cutting, and simplicity. While CalcuQuote enables the customer to manage all of their RFQ processes within one user-friendly dashboard, Sourcengine boosts its product availability by offering inventory accessibility to 3,500+ stocking distributors and manufacturers.

Our collaboration means more benefits for buyers.

Next time you are about to send that RFQ via email, think about how much time and energy you could save by utilizing our advanced supply chain tools.