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Lighting fixture

How Smart Indoor Lighting Saves More than Cost

Besides energy efficiency and cost-savings, LEDs are currently the best lighting technology on the market today.

keylock switch

Adam Tech Switches and Their Applications

Looking for the perfect switch for your upcoming project? Adam Tech's vast product portfolio of switches is bound to possess your ideal solution.

A closeup of a Nvidia Jetson Nano module. | Sourcengine

Nvidia’s Jetson Nano unlocks the potential of the connected robotics & embedded analytics markets

Analysts believe the IoT-connected robotic and AI-enabled embedded analytics markets have explosive growth potential. Nvidia’s Jetson Nano is key to unlocking hugely lucrative opportunities across multiple industries.

A microchip under an electron microscope; if you're a professional buyer and you're looking to source components during the global shortage, try using for your next purchase.

Samwha Provides a Variety of Excellent Capacitors with Great Lead Times

Samwha Capacitor Group has greater availability and lead times than many of its competitors. Plus, its portfolio features alternates for capacitors made by many leading suppliers.

Dapu Telecom logo on display; Dapu is a franchise line on Sourcengine and provides great availabilities and lead times for purchasers buying oscillator components.

Dapu Telecom's Diverse Catalog with Short Lead Times Makes for a Great Alternative During the Component Shortage

Dapu Telecom combines a deep and diverse product catalog with short lead times that professional buyers should consider during this time of components shortage.

u-blox logo on a computer chip laying on a gps system. u-blox's components are available with short lead times here at

u-blox's Sara R5 is 5G-Ready and Available with Short Lead Times

u-blox's Sara R5 is not only 5G-ready, but it's also available with short lead times. OEMs looking for reliable alternatives during the global chip shortage should look no further than u-blox.

Graphic image with Murata BBSC Ultr-Broadband SMT Si Capacitor printed on it; learn about this component at Sourcengine, the leading electronic components marketplace.

Murata BBSC/UBSC/ULSC Ultra-Broadband SMT Si Capacitors

Murata BBSC/UBSC/ULSC Ultra-Broadband SMT Si capacitors are offered at Sourcengine. Learn more about Murata capacitors at Sourcengine.