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Semiconductor Industry News - March 2024 Update

Updates on the semiconductor industry, technology breakthroughs, and market trends.

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Q1 2024 Electronic Components Lead Time Report Highlights

Sourcengine's overview of lead time and price trends in the electronic components market for Q1 2024.

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As the Market Rebounds, Smuggling and Counterfeit Concerns Rise

As chip demand recovers and export restrictions on coveted chips remain worries over smuggling operations and counterfeit components rise.

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Electronic Component Market News - January 2024 Update

Updates on supply chain shortages, excess inventory challenges, lead time updates, and more can be found here.

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Semiconductor Industry News - December 2023 Update

Updates on the semiconductor industry

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Q4 2023 Electronic Component Lead Time Report Highlights 

Sourcengine's overview of lead time and price trends in the electronic components market for Q4 2023.

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Sourceability® and Cadence Partner to Provide Design Engineers with Unparalleled Electronic Component Market Intelligence

Integration enhances decision-making, mitigates supply chain risk and ensures design integrity

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Introducing the New Sourcengine Web Extension

Electronic component procurement made easy with Sourcengine's new web browser extension

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Where to Buy Electronic Components Online

For professional buyers, purchasing electronic components online offers several benefits not available through traditional supply chain channels. But only if they engage with the world of e-commerce in a way that addresses their business.

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What’s the Difference Between Passive and Active Components?

Do you know what passive devices are? While engineers and designers within your organization know, procurement personnel may not be up to speed with passive devices. If you’ve involved with e-procurement or supply chain processes and your curiosity about passive electronic components is anything but passive, keep reading!