Black and white Playstation 5 controllers side by side; take a look at the trends in the gaming industry that will drive the electronic components market in 2021 here at Sourcengine.

Electronic Components Industry Trends In 2021: Gaming Consoles

The console wars are heating up with the recent release of both the new Xbox and PlayStation consoles. What trends will drive the industry forward in 2021 and will they inform supply and demand in the components market? Find out here at Sourcengine.

CAT cables running out of an industrial router. Teltonika's RUTX11 industrial router will help any supply chain manage its properties; find this product now at Sourcengine.

Teltonika’s RUTX11 Enables Digitalized Supply Chain Management

Teltonika's RUTX11 industrial router can help procurement specialists reinforce their supply chain against future disruption.

Light unit on an electric vehicle; for more on controllers for these vehicle types, take a look at KEMET's MPXV inductor on Sourcengine.

KEMET's MPXV Inductor For Electronic Control Units (ECUs)

KEMET's MPXV inductor line (MPXV1D2213L220) is ideal for electric vehicles. As this sector grows, will it be key to recovery from the coronavirus? Learn what the MPXV's versatility can do for your manufacturing needs.

A laptop displaying Sourcengine's homepage. Log in to navigate Sourcengine's dashboard and learn more about its procurement tools for sourcing specialists in the electronic components industry.

Sourcengine's Dashboard For Electronic Components Procurement

Sourcengine's dashboard is full of tools that every procurement department can utilize to maintain supply chains in the electronic components industry. Take this brief tour to learn how it can help your company in daily procurement operations.

Cables depicting the high speed transfer of technical material from the cloud to ERP systems, such as data sheets, pricing information of electronic component parts and availabilities from Sourcengine.

3 Ways Digitalization Can Help Mitigate The Complexities Of A Post-COVID-19 Supply Chain

As the coronavirus, hopefully, becomes a thing of the past, many manufacturers on both sides of the electronic components industry are looking to mitigate any further harm from the pandemic. Here are three ways digitalization may be the answer they seek.

Server room full of banks processing terabytes of supplier data, pricing, and component information from Sourcengine.

How Digitalization Helps Manufacturers Become More Agile

The digitalization of the supply chain is not only key to semiconductor manufacturers, but also the contract manufacturers (CMs) who work with them. Digitalization allows CMs to be more agile in the face of widespread disruption, allowing them to pivot when necessary.

Map of established trade routes for the semiconductor industry; in the age of widespread disruption, Sourcengine can help shore up new routes for manufacturers.

The Secret To Resilient Supply Chains In The Age Of Covid

Building a resilient supply chain has never been more important as today. However, this is not the first disruption the industry has dealt with in recent years. What lessons can be learned and how might they be applied in today's industry?

Microchip Technology's PIC24F microcontroller enables products to work seamlessly in today's connected world. Shop for Microchip Technology components on Sourcengine.

Microchip Technology’s PIC24F GU/GL MCUs

Microchip Technology's PIC24F GU/GL microcontroller enables products to work seamlessly in today's connected world.

A procurement agent works at a computer station looking over the latest offerings of electronic components on Sourcengine.

How B2B E-Commerce Platforms Can Improve Electronic Components Procurement

Is an e-commerce platform the future of electronic components procurement? It would seem so in the "new normal." Learn how to get started with Sourcengine.

Executive presses the button to digitalize the electronic components supply chain; learn how Sourcengine can help you take this step.

How Electronics Manufacturing Executives Can Future-Proof Supply Chains

Future-proofing the electronic components supply chain should be top of mind for any executive in the industry. Take a look at these suggestions that will help ward off any further disruptions to procurement, operations and production.

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