Microchip being produced under a power microscopic lens; passive and reactive component lead times have increased during the global chip shortage. Are you prepared? Try using for all your sourcing needs.

Passive, Reactive Component Lead Times Increase Amid Global Chip Shortage

The global chip shortage is affecting lead times in all categories. Now, passive and reactive components (capacitors, inductors) are seeing lead times increase. Get the latest information on manufacturers feeling the crunch.

TSMC corporate building; TSMC is considering a new Research & Design center in Japan that will also help it expedite components around the world. For more on TSMC components, sourcing and availabilities please see Sourcengine.

TSMC to Establish $177M R&D Center in Japan, Raising Funds to Expand Production Capacity

TSMC will establish a new R&D facility in Japan to continue research on 3D integrated circuit (3DIC) technology. The state-of-the-art complex will be located in Tsukuba.

Image of wind turbines in Texas; due to severe weather conditions in Texas, several manufacturers (including Samsung, Infineon, NXP) have temporarily shuttered factories to divert electricity to residents. If you're looking to source components during these difficult days, take a look at Sourcengine's marketplace.

Samsung, Infineon, and NXP Halt Production in Texas due to Winter Storm

The severe winter storm in Texas has caused Samsung, Infineon, and NXP to halt all production. As Texans brace for another unprecedented cold front, the companies shuttered so electricity could be diverted to local residents.

Electronic components factory floor; the European Union is considering a partnership with TSMC or Samsung to build out a new manufacturing plant; this will help fortify supply chains in the region. See how Sourcengine can help with your components supply chain right now through the power of digitalization.

EU Considers Partnership with TSMC or Samsung for Cutting-Edge Foundry

The European Union is considering establishing a state-of-the-art domestic foundry to support its semiconductor independence. Such a move would further solidify new supply chain routes for the semiconductor industry.

Microcontroller units on fabrication line; Renesas recently shutdown its Ibaraki factory following a 7.3 magnitude earthquake. This is one more setback in the global semiconductor shortage; to shore up your supply chain, see Sourcengine's marketplace with more than 3,000 traceable suppliers.

Renesas Suspends Operations at Ibaraki Factory Following 7.3 Earthquake

Renesas shut down its Ibaraki Factory on Saturday after a 7.3 magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Japan. Thankfully, no fatalities have been reported. However, the shutdown for safety measures is one more setback in the global semiconductor shortage.

Graphic image with $5.9 billion printed on it; Dialog has agreed to a takeover bid by Renesas in the amount of $5.9 billion. For more on Renesas pricing and availabilities, see Sourcengine.

Renesas Electronics Acquires Apple Supplier, Dialog Semiconductor, for $5.9B

In an unprecedented move, Renesas has successfully made a bid to acquire Dialog Semiconductor, a well-known Apple supplier, for $5.9 billion. How will this reshape the components market moving forward?

Ford truck on display; due to recent shortages in the component industry, Ford has been forced to temporarily halt production of its popular F-150. If you're dealing with shortages, check out Sourcengine where you can buy franchise-direct and from distributors.

Ford Temporarily Reduces F-150 Output Amid Worsening Global Semiconductor Shortage

Ford has suspended production on its F-150 truck, the most popular selling vehicle in the United States since 1982. The global component shortage continues to wreak havoc on the automobile industry, and it is quickly spilling over into other industries as well.

Worker examining a pcb in a lab. China is creating its own committee for the standardization of integrated circuits. For more information and other current, industry news stories, see Sourcengine.

China Forms Semiconductor Development Standards Committee

China has formed a new committee to standardize the country's semiconductor development. Its primary agenda? The drafting of unified guidelines for developing future high-performance microchips.

Intel logo displayed; the renowned component company will invest $475 million in its Vietnamese plant; for all your semiconductor industry news, see Sourcengine.

Intel Increases Investment in Vietnam by $475M for Cutting-Edge Semiconductor Plant

Intel is building out its IPV fabrication and test facility located in Vietnam. The semiconductor giant's total investment to date is $1.5B in the cutting-edge plant, which is strategically situated outside of current tariff war disputes..

Microchip with a car icon superimposed on it; Renesas has increased production on automotive chips to help alleviate the global component shortage.

Renesas Increases Production to Help Alleviate Automotive Chip Crisis

Renesas has increased chip production in order to counteract the worldwide microchip shortage. Due to the automotive industry's drain on the vertical, many component fabricators have been forced to up production, prices as well as lead times.

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