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Resource Articles

Building a circuit board

Semiconductor Industry News - February 2023 Update

SiC and GaN semiconductors are rising in popularity as Wolfspeed builds a new facility in Germany.

A chip held up

Electronic Component Market News - February 2023 Update

Updates on supply chain shortages, excess inventory challenges, lead time updates, and more can be found here.

keylock switch

Adam Tech Switches and Their Applications

Looking for the perfect switch for your upcoming project? Adam Tech's vast product portfolio of switches is bound to possess your ideal solution.

Auto components are still scarce

Why Are Automotive Components Still Scarce if the Chip Glut is Here?

The chip glut is rapidly growing but automotive manufacturers are still struggling to get stock, how is that possible?

Buying excess helps both sellers and buyers

Why Buying Excess Stock is Beneficial to Manufacturers Right Now

Component costs are rising, some are still scarce, and others might be counterfeited, how do you avoid these problems? Simple, buy excess stock!

Image with Internet of Things, Market Trend News printed on it. Procure parts for your next IoT development at Sourcengine.

IoT Sensor Manufacturers 2022: Market Trends News, Analysis & More

The global IoT sensor market is forecasted to reach $146.3 billion by 2032 after growing 25.7% between 2021 and 2022. What are the leading manufacturers doing? Let's dive in.

Excess might be growing but chipmaking plans won't crumble under it

Will Excess Affect Chipmaking Facility Plans?

As excess stock grows and chipmakers slash production, what is going to happen to the chipmaking facilities they've spent billions on?

Automotive trends in 2023

5 Automotive Industry Trends to Watch in 2023

The automotive industry is experiencing unprecedented leaps in innovation. Let's discuss the coolest advances to keep an eye on in 2023.

Quotengine interface

Quotengine: The Ultimate BOM Management Tool

Quotengine's ready to take BOM management to the next level.

A strand of LEDs

Lighting Manufacturers 2023: Market News and Analysis

A dive into lighting components and the manufacturers that offer them.

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