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Two stack of shipping containers stamped with the details of the Chinese flags.

China’s power crunch affects semiconductor companies with local facilities

China is dealing with an energy crunch due to constrained coal supplies and carbon emission-related power cuts. As a result, semiconductor companies with facilities in the region have dealt with operational disruptions.

A person shines a flashlight on a circuit breaker in a darkened area.

Wayward balloon causes brief power outage affecting multiple European chipmakers

Last month, a foil balloon temporarily knocked out power across Dresden, Germany. As a result, facilities maintained by Infineon Technologies, Bosch, and GlobalFoundries in the area were affected.

A silicon wafer sits on a piece of production equipment during the chipmaking process.

Chipmakers ramp up development of SiC, GaN parts amid global EV push

Industry analysts expect the electric vehicle market to expand to $725 billion by 2026, up from $171 billion last year. Chipmakers are working to fuel the segment’s explosive growth by developing new silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN) components.

A worker performs a temperature check on another worker while a third observes.

COVID-19 outbreak in Southeast Asia exacerbates global chip shortage

A recent surge in coronavirus infections in Southeast Asia has exacerbated the global chip shortage, especially within the auto industry. As a result, the reconfiguration of the global electronic components supply chain has been affected.

A printed circuit board undergoes automatic assembly while a digital camera observes. | Sourcengine

Google developing CPUs in-house for its 2023 Chromebook and tablets

Google is reportedly developing Arm-based custom processors to power the next generation of its Chromebooks and tablet computers, which are set for release in 2023. However, the Big Tech giant’s strategy might be affected by changing the electronic components industry.

A stack of microprocessors with black boards and golden pins. | Sourcengine

Sourcengine can ship robust, high-performance microprocessors worldwide

Sourcengine has the microprocessors electronics manufacturers need in stock and available for shipment around the globe thanks to its many supplier relationships and global logistics network.

A man in a white coat holding a fully assembled PCB stands in front of a piece of manufacturing equipment. | Sourcengine

European Union wants Chips Act to bolster domestic semiconductor sector

The European Commission declared its intention to support an advanced domestic semiconductor ecosystem via the European Chips Act. Recently, Intel, TSMC, and Samsung have expressed interest in establishing capacity in the region.

A man seated at a desk in an office environment looks at the Sourcengine homepage on his computer display.

How Our Product Managers are Helping Realize Sourcengine's Vision

Every employee at Sourceability has a unique job that helps bring the company’s vision to life, and our product managers are no different. From empathizing with our customers to creating tools that solve their challenges, our PMs are hard at work making all of Sourceability’s products the best they can be. Today, we want to highlight a few ways our PMs bring Sourceability’s vision to life.

A trainee solders a PCB in a classroom while their teacher supervises. | Sourcengine

Vietnamese semiconductor industry to reach $6.16 billion in value by 2024

Technavio, a market research company, expects Vietnam’s semiconductor industry will reach $6.16 billion in value by 2024. The country’s domestic chip sector is growing at a healthy rate due to robust government and corporate investments.

Four piles of electronic capacitors of various sizes and types. | Sourcengine

Sourcengine hosts many high-quality capacitors from KEMET and Cornell Dubilier

Sourcengine is now hosting a wide selection of high-quality capacitors from KEMET and Cornell Dubilier. These high-performance passives are available for immediate delivery to help manufacturers overcome their global chip shortage-related challenges.

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