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Nexperia’s new NextPower 100V and 80V MOSFETs do not offer marginal improvements over the previous generation; they set a new standard of excellence.

Nexperia’s NextPower MOSFETs offer best-in-class reliability and performance

Nexperia’s new NextPower 100V and 80V MOSFETs do not offer marginal improvements over the previous generation; they set a new standard of excellence.

A human hand holding a NAND flash memory module.

Western Digital and Kioxia NAND output curtailed by materials contamination

Western Digital and Kioxia faced materials contamination at two jointly operated NAND factories in Japan. As a result, the flash memory market will likely see availability and pricing changes soon.

A graphic with text reading “Comprehensive Q1 Lead Time Report” and a digital mock-up of the report.

Sourcengine Q1 2022 lead time report highlights

Sourcengine releases a new comprehensive lead time report every quarter. For Q1 2022, our forecast provides pricing and availability data on a range of electronic components.

A college-age engineering student takes notes at a desk using a tablet computer using a stylus. In the background, another student works on a 3D printer.

The Sourcengine Engineer’s Scholarship

Sourcengine wants to help one college or university engineering student access to educational resources needed to identify and address the semiconductor industry’s biggest challenges.

A professional buyer looks frustrated while staring at a bill of materials (BOM) at their work desk.

Where to Buy Electronic Components Online

For professional buyers, purchasing electronic components online offers several benefits not available through traditional supply chain channels. But only if they engage with the world of e-commerce in a way that addresses their business.

A robotic arm works on a silicon wafer as part of the manufacturing process.

Semiconductor Industry News - May 2022 Update

After years of debilitating shortages, market analysts expect the world’s silicon wafer capacity to rise by 8.7 percent in 2022 as ten new fabs go online. And several Chinese technology companies with different areas of focus have placed orders for advanced semiconductors with TSMC.

A stack of microchips, including several processors and memory components.

Global Electronic Component Shortage - May 2022 Update

Here is a comprehensive update on the global electronic component shortage, components lead times, and a forecast of when the parts crunch will end.

An image of a professional buyer wearing a headset carefully exams their computer screen in an open office space.

3 Ways to Source Hard to Find Electronic Components

Professional buyers can use these three methods to source hard-to-find electronic components even amid challenges like the global chip shortage.

An illustration of the coronavirus next to a chart line indicating an upward spike.

Semiconductor industry kicks off 2022 with COVID production disruptions and rising chip prices

The semiconductor industry has started 2022 by facing new COVID-related manufacturing disruptions and component price increases. But this year also looks to be the start of the sector's recovery phase.

A gamer wearing headphones sitting in front of a high-performance computing rig uses a mobile device as a controller.

Qualcomm launches new gaming console processor, pursuing supplier diversity

Qualcomm recently moved to break into the gaming market with its Snapdragon G3x Gen 1 mobile device SoC. The chipmaker is also working to diversify its supply chain to prevent future component shortages.

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