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The flag of the European Union imprinted on a CPU in the middle of a circuit board.

Semiconductor Industry News - July 2022 Update

Several European Union member states and chipmakers have made moves recently to reshape the global semiconductor supply chain by significantly expanding the region’s research and production resources.

Image with Top 10 operational amplifiers in 2022 displayed. Sourcengine has a wealth of information, data sheets, pricing, and availabilities on the most important components for your next big new product.

Best Operational Amplifiers in 2022

Operational amplifiers, also known as “op amps,” are commonly used in the development of analog electronic circuits. Engineers of all skill levels frequently incorporate these workhorse components into their electronic designs.

The image of a young woman holding a tablet computer while standing in front of a futuristic digital interface for an enterprise marketplace.

How Enterprise Marketplaces Can Help OEMs Defeat Their Sourcing Problems

Given the unprecedented instability of the current semiconductor industry, OEMs, CMs, and EMS providers need new solutions to overcome their procurement challenges. Sourcengine, an electronic components-centric enterprise marketplace, can help.

The inflation trend is making electronic components more expensive and less accessible. But there are ways manufacturers can mitigate its impact.

How Rising Inflation is Disrupting the Electronics Components Supply Chain

The worldwide inflation trend is causing problems in the electronic components supply chain by making parts more expensive and harder to procure. But mitigation methods exist to help OEMs, CMs, and EMS providers overcome the new challenge.

MOSFETs on a blue background. Learn more about MOSFETs and Panjit at Sourcengine.

What is a MOSFET? PANJIT Technology Applications for Engineers

MOSFETs (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors) are a type of semiconductor used for switching and amplifying electronic signals. MOSFETs have many applications in the automotive, transport, and communications sector.

Image with wireless charging printed on it; learn more about Qi and other wireless charging options at Sourcengine, the largest e-commerce marketplace for electronic components.

Wireless Charging: Tomorrow’s Technology Is Here to Stay

Let’s take a look at the basics behind wireless technology, some recent trends in wireless technology and associated electronic parts, and immediate and long-term growth prospects, along with how this rapidly emerging technology will continue to impact electronic components procurement.

Nexperia’s new NextPower 100V and 80V MOSFETs do not offer marginal improvements over the previous generation; they set a new standard of excellence.

Nexperia’s NextPower MOSFETs offer best-in-class reliability and performance

Nexperia’s new NextPower 100V and 80V MOSFETs do not offer marginal improvements over the previous generation; they set a new standard of excellence.

A human hand holding a NAND flash memory module.

Western Digital and Kioxia NAND output curtailed by materials contamination

Western Digital and Kioxia faced materials contamination at two jointly operated NAND factories in Japan. As a result, the flash memory market will likely see availability and pricing changes soon.

A graphic with text reading “Comprehensive Q1 Lead Time Report” and a digital mock-up of the report.

Sourcengine Q1 2022 lead time report highlights

Sourcengine releases a new comprehensive lead time report every quarter. For Q1 2022, our forecast provides pricing and availability data on a range of electronic components.

A professional buyer looks frustrated while staring at a bill of materials (BOM) at their work desk.

Where to Buy Electronic Components Online

For professional buyers, purchasing electronic components online offers several benefits not available through traditional supply chain channels. But only if they engage with the world of e-commerce in a way that addresses their business.

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