Inventory stacked on shelves inside a warehouse

End-to-End Inventory Management on Sourcengine

A tool that helps with end-to-end inventory management can help solve even the most irritating electronic component sourcing problems.

An illustration representing a digital chip and circuit board

Sourcengine’s Tech Angle: What is Web3 and How Does it Affect Electronic Components?

The World Wide Web has gone through many iterations, but what is Web3 and how does it differ from the popular metaverse? What does a new web mean for electronic components? Let's find out.

Graphic that shows excess on calculator

How and Why to Sell Excess Electronic Components Online

Excess electronic component excess is reaching its peak, here is the best way to mitigate your growing surplus stock.

A graphic representation of Quotengine

5 Things to Look for in a BOM Management Tool

A digital BOM management tool is imperative for success within the electronic component industry. Here are 5 things any good BOM tool should possess.

Someone typing on a computer with digital overlay of graphs

What is a Bill of Materials? A Guide for Procurement Specialists

A bill of materials (BOM) is not just a grocery list of components to buy. A good BOM helps procurement teams improve efficiency and performance.

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Sourcengine’s Tech Angle: The Rise of Generative AI

Generative artificial intelligence is the rising star of 2023, but what propelled it to this level of popularity and why?

View of Quotengine's user window

Why is BOM Scrubbing Imperative for Procurement?

What is BOM scrubbing and why is it necessary for electronic component procurement

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Sourcengine’s Tech Angle: Apple VR and the Future of Augmented Reality

Apple recently released its newest product in its tech line-up, but what does it mean for the future of augmented reality?


Build Product Resiliency with Alternate Electronic Components

Alternates, equivalents, drop-ins and more, what's the difference between these important electronic components in product design? Let's find out!

Quantum computers are often use metal-insulator-metal sandwiches called Josephson junctions.

Sourcengine’s Tech Angle: Quantum Computing’s Effect on Components

Experts are calling 2023 the year of quantum computing, but what is the difference between quantum computing and classic computing and how does it change the electronic component industry?