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Sourcengine offers a suite of digital tools that provide the data, workflows, and visibility to organizations for efficient supply chain management. Each tool is available individually and is designed to be integrated with existing systems used in the organization’s electronic components supply chain.

BOM Management

Create, manage, and source your bill of materials

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Quote Management

Manage the quoting process every step of the way

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Product Catalog Management

Flexible catalog solution for product availabilities

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Excess Management

Offer excess materials to others in your organization or to the global marketplace

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BOM Management
Quote Management
Product Catalog Management
Excess Management
VIP Catalog
Vendor Dashboard
BOM Management
& Search Tool
Excess Estimator
Certified Excess Program
BOM Search
Part Search
Vendor Inventory Management
RFQ Tool
Catalog Management
External Catalog Integration
Data Management
Integration (API) ERP
Extension Points Email, Fax Gateway
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