Quotengine instantly quotes from more than 3,500 suppliers. Buy your entire list of parts with a single click.

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Processing a Bill of Materials (BOM) has never been easier. Learn why OEMs and EMS companies use Sourcengine’s quoting tool to effectively and rapidly source electronic components. Register today and start using it for free.

Upload your List

Sourcengine has over 1 billion electronic components in its database for batch sourcing. Simply drag over your bill of materials spreadsheet and map out the columns. Our quoting tool will immediately find the best offers from our sellers’ database via batch processing and deliver results to you in seconds.

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Set your criteria

Search criteria can be set as Offer Preference (such as lowest price or fastest delivery), Supplier Type, Packaging Condition, and Delivery Date. Sourcengine will use this criteria to find the best offer for the list of parts from your BOM.

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Real-time data

Each quote result contains data of the best offers from 3,500+ vendors who sell their inventories on our e-commerce marketplace.

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Quote Management made easy with downloadable results

Once your bill of materials is processed, you can download it as an Excel file and share it easily with your team. Or, use it as a reference point for later. The list of parts will be saved to your dashboard for easy reference.

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Shop with ease and confidence

Add each item to your shopping cart one at a time or add all to the cart with a single click.

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Schedule deliveries

Sourcengine enables you to schedule multiple deliveries for each of your BOM parts. This way, your production line is always moving. BOM management has never been easier with this tool specifically designed for supply chain professionals.

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Confirm order

Once your order has been placed, Sourcengine delivers all parts on time to your dock. We work around the clock and use strategic logistics and quality processes to deliver on-time. In addition, all parts are backed by a 3-year warranty.

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All of us at Sourcengine understand how laborious the BOM quotation process can be. We decided to put a stop to the manual workflow. Helping companies quote BOMs with ease, effectively and profitably, is what excites us. To learn more about additional helpful tools and features of Sourcengine’s BOM Tool and how it can help with your BOM management, Sign up for a free account today!