A technician works with a stack of silicon wafers inside a fab clean room | Sourcengine

Samsung to begin fabricating products with 3nm GAA node in 2022

Samsung recently revealed it had taped out chips utilizing its 3nm gate-all-around (GAA) process. It intends to use its new node to fabricate next-generation microelectronics in 2022.

An engineer examines a silicon wafer in a chip factory clean room | Sourcengine

Intel reportedly in talks to purchase GlobalFoundries for $30 billion

According to the Wall Street Journal, Intel has entered negotiations to buy GlobalFoundries from its parent company for $30 billion. The surprising potential acquisition has received a mixed reception from industry watchers.

An overhead view of a fully staffed electronic components smart factory. | Sourcengine

Intel wants to build a $100 billion semiconductor manufacturing ecosystem in Europe

Intel has big plans to establish a $100 billion semiconductor manufacturing ecosystem within Europe. However, it wants the trade bloc’s support in realizing its ambitious development roadmap.

A robotic arm with a vacuum sucker assembles a smartphone with the handset CPU and PCB visible. | Sourcengine

Huawei establishing first chip manufacturing facility in China, production to start in 2022

Huawei is reportedly working to establish its first chip factory in Wuhan, China. The fab is on schedule to begin producing optical communications components and modules in 2022.

A worker in a clean room suit inspecting a test map for a silicon wafer at eye level | Sourcengine

Apple and Intel to release new products with TSMC’s 3nm manufacturing process

Apple and Intel are reportedly working with TSMC with an eye toward using its 3nm node to make their forthcoming products. The foundry's next-generation manufacturing process offers double-digit upgrades on its current 5nm node.

The top of fifth-generation mobile network (5G) tower | Sourcengine

NXP Semiconductors and Jio Platforms teaming up to expand 5G coverage in India

NXP Semiconductors revealed it is collaborating with Jio Platforms to expand the functionality of India’s 5G infrastructure. It also reportedly partnered with a leading foundry to reinforce its supply chain.

GlobalFoundries, the world’s fourth-biggest contract chipmaker, announced it broke ground on a $4 billion fab. The Singaporean facility will make 450,000 silicon wafers (300mm) per month by 2023

GlobalFoundries begins construction on $4B 300mm wafer fab in Singapore

GlobalFoundries, the world’s fourth-biggest contract chipmaker, announced it broke ground on a $4 billion fab. The Singaporean facility will make 450,000 silicon wafers (300mm) per month by 2023

A close up on several rows of power MOSFETs | Sourcengine

Nexperia investing $700M in capacity expansion, opens new production line in Britain

Nexperia is investing $700 million to expand its manufacturing and development capability. In addition, the firm launched a new production line in Manchester, England to address the global chip shortage.

A worker inspecting a fully assembled PCB for flaws and signs of forgery within a laboratory setting.| Sourcengine

Global chip shortage prompting spike in component counterfeiting

Multiple industry insiders believe the global chip shortage has favorable conditions for unscrupulous counterfeiters. One criminal took advantage of the crisis to defraud some unsuspecting manufacturers out of $110,000.

A vector map of a nondescript contemporary urban area | Sourcengine

Nvidia to acquire DeepMap, an advanced mapping startup, to boost its AV resources

Nvidia announced plans to acquire the Silicon Valley startup called DeepMap in Q3 2021. The transaction will help the chipmaker bring its popular autonomous automobile technology to another level.

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