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Global Semiconductor Shortage Impact Extends Far Beyond the Auto Industry

The global semiconductor shortage prompted factory shutdowns throughout the automotive industry since it began in late 2019. But the crisis extends far beyond just one sector.

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TSMC Spending $2.8B to Increase Automotive Chip Output Amid Global Shortage

TSMC, the world’s leading pure-play foundry, announced it would spend $2.8 billion to expand its output of automotive components. Other top contract chipmakers have ramped up their output to alleviate the crisis.

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Daimler to Reduce Hours for up to 18,500 Workers Due to Global Chip Shortage

Daimler is temporarily reducing the hours of up to 18,500 workers as a consequence of the global chip shortage. That said, recent statements by leading semiconductor providers indicate the crisis is nearing an inflection point.

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IHS Markit's Insights and Recommendations Regarding the Global Chip Shortage

IHS Market, a leading global information provider, recently presented a series of insights and best practice recommendations for companies dealing with the global chip shortage.

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How Long Will it Take for the Chip Shortage to be Resolved?

The chip shortage has become a Suez Canal-like bottleneck for multiple industries. From automotive all the way to home appliances, its effect is felt far and wide. How long will it last? A few industry heavy weights chime in and give predictions.

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DRAM Spot Prices Hit Two Year High Due to Global Chip Shortage

The global chip shortage is causing DRAM spot prices to rise drastically, which is bound to have a real impact on one of the most common pieces of office and home equipment around: the printer.

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South Korea Invests $176B into its Domestic Automotive Chip Industry

South Korea is investing $176B into its domestic automotive chip industry in the hopes of offsetting the negative effects of the global chip shortage. At present, the nation imports 98 percent of the chips embedded in personal transports.

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Semiconductor Associations Form New Group to Deal with Supply Chain Issues

The Chinese Semiconductor Industry Association (CSIA) announced it will form a new, bilateral working group with its Washington-based counterpart, the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA).

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Renesas and Innolux Executives Expect Chip Shortage will Persist into 2022

The electronic components shortage is so dire that executives now predict it will last at least through the first half of 2022. Manufacturers are now looking to navigate the shortage by utilizing older fabrication techniques in the hope of creating new supply for the rampant demand.

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Global Semiconductor Shortage Drives Interest in Older Chip-making Equipment

The global semiconductor shortage is causing manufacturers to get real creative these days. They are now bringing back older chip-making techniques to help offset the current component shortage.

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