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Excess Electronic Component Inventory Management

Excess electronic component inventory continues to build due to various geopolitical factors and other disruptions, here's how to manage and mitigate your excess inventory when it occurs.

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Where to Buy Electronic Components Online

For professional buyers, purchasing electronic components online offers several benefits not available through traditional supply chain channels. But only if they engage with the world of e-commerce in a way that addresses their business.

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5 Things to Look for in a BOM Management Tool

A digital BOM management tool is imperative for success within the electronic component industry. Here are 5 things any good BOM tool should possess.

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What is a Bill of Materials? A Guide for Procurement Specialists

A bill of materials (BOM) is not just a grocery list of components to buy. A good BOM helps procurement teams improve efficiency and performance.

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Why is BOM Scrubbing Imperative for Procurement?

What is BOM scrubbing and why is it necessary for electronic component procurement

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Why Intelligent BOM Management is Necessary for Success

Smart BOM management tools give OEMs, CMs, ODMs, and more the competitive edge to tackle chip shortages and gluts with ease. Here's how:

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Quotengine: The Ultimate BOM Management Tool

Quotengine's ready to take BOM management to the next level.

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How Enterprise Marketplaces Can Help OEMs Defeat Their Sourcing Problems

Given the unprecedented instability of the current semiconductor industry, OEMs, CMs, and EMS providers need new solutions to overcome their procurement challenges. Sourcengine, an electronic components-centric enterprise marketplace, can help.

Image with wireless charging printed on it; learn more about Qi and other wireless charging options at Sourcengine, the largest e-commerce marketplace for electronic components.

Wireless Charging: Tomorrow’s Technology Is Here to Stay

Let’s take a look at the basics behind wireless technology, some recent trends in wireless technology and associated electronic parts, and immediate and long-term growth prospects, along with how this rapidly emerging technology will continue to impact electronic components procurement.

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What the Global Semiconductor Supply Chain Could Look Like in 2030

The U.S.-China trade war, COVID-19, and the global chip shortage introduced major changes to the electronic components supply chain. The shifts brought about by recent events will create a very different semiconductor ecosystem by 2030.