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Quotengine: The Ultimate BOM Management Tool

Quotengine: The Ultimate BOM Management Tool

Quotengine interface

Time to take the headache out of bill-of-materials (BOM) processing. Quotengine is bound to become your BOM tool of choice with its management capabilities and support. As a part of Sourcengine, Quotengine is an innovative enterprise quoting and BOM management tool. With instant access to a global electronic component marketplace, you can start filling your cart with the components you need.

Single search might be a daunting task for large-scale BOM or parts lists, but Quotengine takes those fears out of the equation. You can upload your entire parts list, up to 4,000-line items by simply dragging your BOM spreadsheet onto Quotengine’s window. Then map the columns to be given the best offers from our sellers’ database via batch process. The entire process takes no more than a few seconds.  

If more specific criteria are needed to filter through your list of offers, Quotengine lets you pick the rules. You can sort offers based on offer preference, supplier type, packaging condition, and delivery date. Once inputted your best offers will appear based on your criteria and real-time data that ensures you only receive the best of the best. That’s just the tip of the benefits iceberg when using Quotengine for your BOM needs.  

Here’s what you can look forward to by using Quotengine:

Enterprise Quoting Capabilities: Lengthy BOM or parts lists are no match for Quotengine. With the ability to add up to 4,000-line items at once, any project can have its components sourced in one, neat window. Users can quickly add to cart, purchase, and submit an RFQ for additional quoting, if necessary, from our global sourcing team. No need to check multiple sites to find all the components you need for any project.

One Transaction for Your Entire BOM: Say goodbye to multiple purchases for your BOM with Quotengine’s just one, simple checkout. You can easily find the best quotes from over 3,500 suppliers and their listings, adding items to your cart for one checkout. Don’t worry about components arriving off schedule, your single purchase order allows you to schedule deliveries to meet your production needs. That goes for whenever and wherever you need them, so you can always keep your production line moving.

BOM Management: If you need additional information on a part, Quotengine empowers your BOM or parts list with data on over 1 billion parts including price, lead times, compliance data, form-fit-function alternates, and technical data. Want to share it with your team? You can download and export component data with Quotengine’s sharing capabilities. That way everyone can reference specific part and quote information whenever they need.

Price Benchmarking: Comparing prices across thousands of available components has never been easier. Find out exactly what the standard price is across the globe for the specific component market you’re looking into. If you’re a supplier, you can achieve the greatest return value with Quotengine’s real-time price data.  

The BOM quotation process is a tedious but necessary task when it comes to manufacturing. To create a time and cost-effective solution, Sourcengine put a stop to the traditional manual workflow. Quotengine continues to provide users with ease and profitability by simplifying the BOM process.  

Additional inquiries and remaining questions are no problem for Quotengine’s team of industry experts. You can send an RFQ to Sourcengine and sign up for Sourcengine’s newsletter to stay in the know with promotional offers and industry news. The last few years have been hard, let's make the next few a lot better with help from Quotengine.

Quotengine: Your Ultimate BOM Tool
With Quotengine’s real-time data on over 1 billion part offers, managing your BOM effectively has never been simpler.
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Sourcengine’s Lead Time Report
Strategize for upcoming market shifts through lead time and price trends with our quarterly lead time report.
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