Why Intelligent BOM Management is Necessary for Success

Smart BOM management tools give OEMs, CMs, ODMs, and more the competitive edge to tackle chip shortages and gluts with ease. Here's how:

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Quotengine: The Ultimate BOM Management Tool

Quotengine's ready to take BOM management to the next level.

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Will Electric Vehicles Create a Disconnect for Component Availability?

Now that the automotive marketplace has had enough time to allow practical technology and production schedules to meet predictions from ten years ago, it looks like the electric vehicle era is finally here.

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Make Your BOM Work Smarter: Streamline, Simplify and Source Electronic Parts with Supply Chain Software

While most project managers, engineers, and product supply chain personnel don’t consider the BOM an order-ready resource, today’s advanced supply chain software (SCM) enables easy integration and ordering for even the most data-rich BOMs.

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