Murata MHR Series High Voltage Resistors

In developing its MHR Series High Voltage Resistors, Murata Power Solutions sought to provide manufacturers with a multifaceted solution. The firm succeeded as its high-quality, thick film components are ideal for use in both industrial equipment and consumer appliances. Learn about the features and applications of the MHR Series.

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Murata Power Solutions MGJ Series DC-DC Converters

Corporations operating in the automotive, medical, utility, and manufacturing industries need insulated-gate bipolar transistors (IGBTs) for their equipment and facilities.

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Murata BBSC/UBSC/ULSC Ultra-Broadband SMT Si Capacitors

Murata BBSC/UBSC/ULSC Ultra-Broadband SMT Si capacitors are offered at Sourcengine. Learn more about Murata capacitors at Sourcengine.

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