Electronic Component Market News - June 2023 Update

Updates on supply chain shortages, excess inventory challenges, lead time updates, and more can be found here.

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How “Safety Stock” Becomes a Liability

Stockpiling to solve inventory challenges is not the solution and that "safety stock" could cost you more than the production stalls you hoped to avoid.

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Sell Your Excess Stock with Sourcengine

The chip glut is here and growing rapidly, it's time to sell your excess inventory with Sourcengine.

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Why Buying Excess Stock is Beneficial to Manufacturers Right Now

Component costs are rising, some are still scarce, and others might be counterfeited, how do you avoid these problems? Simple, buy excess stock!

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Will Excess Affect Chipmaking Facility Plans?

As excess stock grows and chipmakers slash production, what is going to happen to the chipmaking facilities they've spent billions on?

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How the Shortage Led to Excess Stock

The shortage is winding down, but we're not out of the woods yet. Excess stock is building up faster than manufacturers can mitigate it, how did the shortage lead to so much excess? We tell you how and why in this overview.

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What to do with Electronic Component Excess

Electronic component excess is coming. Softening demand is starting to take effect across all sectors, but chip orders made months ago are still rolling in. With little time on hand, how do you manage excess inventory? We'll tell you how.

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