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Nexperia’s new NextPower 100V and 80V MOSFETs do not offer marginal improvements over the previous generation; they set a new standard of excellence.

Nexperia’s NextPower MOSFETs offer best-in-class reliability and performance

Nexperia’s new NextPower 100V and 80V MOSFETs do not offer marginal improvements over the previous generation; they set a new standard of excellence.

Four piles of electronic capacitors of various sizes and types. | Sourcengine

Sourcengine hosts many high-quality capacitors from KEMET and Cornell Dubilier

Sourcengine is now hosting a wide selection of high-quality capacitors from KEMET and Cornell Dubilier. These high-performance passives are available for immediate delivery to help manufacturers overcome their global chip shortage-related challenges.

A next-generation automobile dashboard panel. Sourcengine provides a three-year warranty for all electronic components purchased through its platform.

Microchip Technology’s Automotive Solutions Enables Next-Generation Car Development

Microchip Technology recently released a series of automotive MCUs, oscillators, and temperature sensors that enable innovation, bolster dependability, and make cars more livable.

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor (AOS) logo; with semiconductors in short supply, manufacturers should look to AOS for crosses and alternates. Take a look at Sourcengine for more information on AOS lead time, availabilities and pricing.

Alpha and Omega Semiconductor (AOS) Lead Times Provide Great Opportunity for OEMs

Reports have AOS lead times at almost half that of other semiconductor manufacturers. With chips in short supply right now, they might be the answer for both EMS and OEM companies.

Digital automotive cockpit on display; these infotainment systems will be a big draw in 2021 and will also contribute to the ongoing component shortage felt industry-wide; search Sourcengine for your component, shortage, and alternate needs.

Electronic Components Industry Trends in 2021: Vehicle Cockpits

Contributing to the ongoing shortage felt industry-wide right now, advanced infotainment and cockpit systems in cars will be a driving trend in 2021. Learn more on where the industry is heading in the immediate future.

Autonomous car taking a passenger to a specified definition; Microchip Technology's CoaXPress 2.0 is a versatile component with many applications in the automotive and robotics spaces. See it here on Sourcengine.

Microchip Technology’s EQCO125X40 Implements CoaXPress 2.0 for Lightning Fast Results

Microchip Technology's EQCO125X40 implements CoaXPress 2.0 technology to give lightning fast data transfer at 12.5Gbps, making it one of the best devices for electric vehicles and embedded vision products.

NXP image showcasing its new sensors for automotive and driver safety. Take a look at NXP featured products here on Sourcengine.

NXP Debuts Vehicle ‘Safety Cocoon’ Radar Sensor Solutions

NXP's innovative radar sensor components effectively build a 'safety cocoon' around drivers. Learn how this company is revolutionizing driver safety in 2021 and beyond.

Black and white Playstation 5 controllers side by side; take a look at the trends in the gaming industry that will drive the electronic components market in 2021 here at Sourcengine.

Electronic Components Industry Trends in 2021: Gaming Consoles

The console wars are heating up with the recent release of both the new Xbox and PlayStation consoles. What trends will drive the industry forward in 2021 and will they inform supply and demand in the components market? Find out here at Sourcengine.

CAT cables running out of an industrial router. Teltonika's RUTX11 industrial router will help any supply chain manage its properties; find this product now at Sourcengine.

Teltonika’s RUTX11 Enables Digitalized Supply Chain Management

Teltonika's RUTX11 industrial router can help procurement specialists reinforce their supply chain against future disruption.

Light unit on an electric vehicle; for more on controllers for these vehicle types, take a look at KEMET's MPXV inductor on Sourcengine.

KEMET's MPXV Inductor for Electronic Control Units (ECUs)

KEMET's MPXV inductor line (MPXV1D2213L220) is ideal for electric vehicles. As this sector grows, will it be key to recovery from the coronavirus? Learn what the MPXV's versatility can do for your manufacturing needs.