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Sourcengine™ is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace, where creativity and innovation are valued, and personal growth and development are encouraged.
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A day in
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Our Values

In the last six years, we found that geographic distance represents unity, diversity, and strength in our global effort; never a roadblock.


Our goal is to transform ourselves from a distribution company to a technology company and be the innovators of our industry. Today’s ideas are tomorrow’s realities.

One World, One Team

We strive to build solid partnerships through strong teamwork, collaboration, trust, honesty and respect between our employees and our stakeholders. Geographic distance represents unity, diversity and strength in our global effort; never a roadblock.

Exchange & Humility

We inspire one another and evolve through positive, continuous exchange of dialogue, ideas and knowledge. Communication is the key for synergy towards our goals. We have the humility to listen and explore if there is a better way. We respect everyone’s voices as equal.

Value Add

We value add to the community: colleagues, customers, suppliers, philanthropies and ourselves. Our efforts are enablers of the community we are in. We do this through our commitment in delivering quality products and services. When everyone succeeds, we will too.

With our digital transformation journey, we must embrace newness and changes, and always look for more effective and efficient ways of working, communication and partnership.

Our Perks

We understand that happy and fulfilled employees are more productive, and we strive to foster a culture that promotes a healthy work-life balance and encourages professional development.
Competitive Salary
We value our team’s expertise
Generous PTO
For teammates to recharge energy and focus
Comprehensive Health Benefits
We support the physical and mental well-being of our team members
Ample Parental Leave
Family well-being is central to team health
Financial Future
We invest in our teams with 401(K), plus company contributions
Flexible Work Environment
We foster robust collaborative spaces, whether in the workplace or remote
Meaningful Recognition
We prioritize the development of our team and recognize outstanding performance

Join Us

We are seeking individuals who are passionate about their work, who thrive in a dynamic and collaborative environment, and who are dedicated to delivering exceptional results.