GDPR & Sourceability

What Is GDPR?

As you may have heard, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) recently went into effect May 25, 2018 in the European Union. The GDPR applies to every company that processes EU citizens’ PII (Personally Identifiable Information). This new law prioritizes the importance of the protection and privacy of your personal information in several key areas.

First, Sourceability provides the ability to consent to data collection in an easily accessible format. At Sourceability, we store your personal contact information – full name, company, company address, email address and phone number as well as data concerned with our performance of contract which in part captures financial data for banking purposes.

Second, Sourceability supplies the opportunity to request your data. We display the data currently held under your user and/or business entity in a user-friendly format.

Third, Sourceability presents the option to have all data we have collected, deleted on request. If you make this request, we will comply without undue delay except as required by other laws. For example, some financial data may not be deleted if it is required for tax records.

For more information, an overview of the EU GDPR regulations can be found here.

Our Commitment

We stand by the new European Union policy, giving our clients, vendors, and users a greater say in what happens with their data. Please review the summary of updates and steps we have taken:

  • Transparency of Data – We have enhanced our website for increased readability behind our data access processes. Sourceability has made the path to your data easily available per request.
  • Data Security – We implement high redundancy amongst our servers and leverage Azure’s Information Protection to identify personal data, monitor access, and govern security protocols.
  • Compliance & Preparation – Outside of following ISO 9001-2015 standards, we are partnered with a third-party EU based firm for GDPR alignment.

Service Request

At Sourceability, we provide the following forms to consent into our data collection processes and request a removal or view-ability of PII. As a Customer, Vendor, or User, you can control which data is processed by our services.

Notice of consent

This is a form that grants consent for Sourcengine to collect your info – requiring your First Name, Last Name, Company, and Email Address to retrieve your data.

View form

Data subject request

This is a form that grants the user and/or business entity access to the data stored by Sourcengine. To retrieve your information please supply your First Name, Last Name, Company, and Email Address.

View form

Request of data removal

This is the form that grants you the ability to request deletion of your information from our database(s). Sourceability will provide an extra warning notification prior to submission.

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