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Why the Global Semiconductor Shortage Might Negatively Affect the 2021 Holiday Season

The global semiconductor shortage might have a negative impact on the 2021 holiday season. Popular vehicles, home electronics, white goods, computer components, and smartphones could be in short supply this year.

Individual stands at the center of a labyrinth; navigating the complexities of the component supply chain will be like a maze in 2021; but Sourcengine's e-commerce marketplace can help.

Overcoming Supply Chain Challenges in 2021

Navigating the complexities of the component supply chain will be like a maze in 2021. Learn how to navigate and overcome them with the power of Sourcengine.

Electronic components set against a world globe backdrop; find out how the coronavirus has impacted the semiconductor industry at Sourcengine.

3 Signs the Semiconductor Industry is Making a Strong Recovery amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has hit every industry around the globe. More so than others, the semiconductor industry found itself scrambling to secure supply chain lanes and funnels. How is it faring as we enter yet another stage of the pandemic?

A supply chain professional overseeing cargo containers of components; find out how the coronavirus has impacted the supply chain at Sourcengine.

3 Key Takeaways from ECIA's Survey on the Coronavirus Pandemic's Effect on the Semiconductor Industry

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the semiconductor industry in various ways. From February to July, the ECIA wanted to see just what sort of impact it had by sending out a survey to manufacturers and distributors. Here are 3 key takeaways from that survey.

Quality assurance engineer dressed in personal protective equipment as he inspects a component; traceability is a serious issue in 2020, find out how Sourcengine's e-commerce marketplace can help.

Electronic Components Traceability in 2020: 3 Things You Should Know

Traceability in the electronic components industry is crucial. It helps save money in both the short and long run, and protects company reputation. It has been especially important in 2020 as new supply chains have been established. Take a look at three important things to keep in mind about traceability.

Image with IoT Device Developments in 2020 and Beyond typed on it. IoT is a hot topic, learn more here at Sourcengine and procure all of your components through our BOM Management Tool.

IoT Device Developments in 2020 and Beyond

IoT device developments and market trends for 2020 and beyond. Learn more about exciting new developments in this rich area of technology. From automobile cockpits to voice-enabled stereos, we cover it all.

Image with Dapu Telecom written on it. Learn more about Dapu's business and component offerings here at Sourcengine.

DAPU Telecom: New Communication, New Development, New Journey

Sourceability adds DAPU Telecom as an authorized supplier line to its line card. In this article, we talk about the company overview and its product portfolio. Learn about DAPU Telecom in this article.

Image with printing on it that reads: COVID-19 Case Study from its Source: The resilient, redoubtable semiconductor industry. Keep up to date on supply chain and industry news at Sourcengine.

COVID-19 Case Study From its Source: The Resilient, Redoubtable Semiconductor Industry

Let's go back to the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak in China and discuss the impact it has had on the semiconductor industry globally. Is Coronavirus the next great challenge to the semiconductor supply chain?

Image with E-Commerce in the Face of Covid-19 printed on it. This article discusses digital solutions for today's supply chain. It's all here at Sourcengine.

E-commerce in the Face of COVID-19 Virus: How Digital Solutions Can Help Procurement Professionals

Working from home and need to stay connected with your purchasing colleagues? Learn how to map out your entire procurement team under one platform while utilizing Sourcengine's helpful digital procurement tools.

Graphic with intelligent automotive trends printed on it. Sourcengine regularly covers component trends in the electronics industry.

Intelligent Automotive Trends for 2020 and Beyond

We’ve certainly come a long way in the automotive industry since the first Model-T was produced in 1908. For decades, vehicular advancements were measured in horsepower, miles per gallon, torque, and other electro-mechanical attributes. And in many ways, they still are. However, with the exciting new world of connected automobiles in full swing, cars are just as likely to be gauged on their Wi-Fi capability as their fuel efficiency. Let’s review some connected automobile trends to watch for in 2020 and the coming decade.

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