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IoT Device Developments in 2020 and Beyond

IoT Device Developments in 2020 and Beyond

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The 2010s might go down in history as the Internet of Things (IoT) decade. It was a decade that saw significant development for the entire IoT universe. Applications as diverse and wide-ranging as healthcare, smart home devices, manufacturing, and more made significant leaps.

Though 2020 has not gotten off on the right foot due to a global pandemic, one bright spot has been a renewed interest in technological innovation. Along with vaccine development and new contact tracing apps, we are also seeing a plethora of research and improvement in the IoT space. Innovation is certainly at the forefront of the world’s collective consciousness during this time.

As employees settle into this “new normal” and work from home, often minds turn towards filling time. And what better way is there than to fill time by innovating? Perhaps one bright spot we are seeing now is a time of “Roaring Twenties” for IoT devices. New and incredible things are in development.

Let’s take a look at some IoT device trends to keep an eye on in 2020 and beyond.

IoT Device Trends for the 'Roaring Twenties'

More efficient edge computing sensors

Edge computing, the process of placing data processors and other computing devices closer to where data is analyzed and processed, was a relatively new concept toward the end of the 2010s. For 2020, edge computing will become a major driving force for IoT device development. Sensors, controllers, and other IoT devices will require better speed and reliability to ensure efficient edge computing, so this trend will enhance overall IoT device performance across the worldwide marketplace. By some estimates, edge computing will process up to 75 percent of all IoT data within the next few years.


The dawn of digital voice is here

Here’s one IoT device trend you’ll want to keep your ear to the ground for, figuratively speaking. The recent boom of voice-activated devices (factory product sensors, smart car command activation, and much more) has only just started to emerge. By 2023, more than 2 billion digital voice assistant devices will be in use, with many of those enabled for IoT networks. The three fastest growing applications for digital voice devices – TVs, speakers, and wearable technology – will drive IoT voice devices well into the new decade.

Predictive maintenance growth continues

Efficient maintenance is all about when, what, and how frequently. Thanks to IoT sensors, predictive maintenance will take off in 2020. Companies already have solid backlog data of how much time and money are saved by “smart” maintenance in the long run; in turn, expect IoT sensors (temperature, pressure, viscosity, fluid quality, etc.) to offer superior performance and reliability in the near future.

Gesture-driven smart car devices

For smart automobile functionality, the future is now. The 2020s will see continued advancement for IoT devices within the automobile cockpit. Notably, Microchip’s MGC3140 3D Tracking and Gesture Controller analyzes drive hand gestures and other movements to increase safety, decrease distractions, and offer a more efficient way to control everything from cabin temperature to infotainment systems. As IoT technology keeps evolving out of the home and healthcare environments, the vehicle cockpit is an obvious beneficiary. For smart car IoT devices, it’s full speed ahead into the next decade!

Forward and Upward

Though the 2020s have gotten off to a rocky start around the world, this doesn't mean that innovation is dead. On the contrary, humanity is at its most innovative when pressed. As people work together to find a cure for a global pandemic, the technology sector is doing its part by continuing development in the IoT space. As we push forward and upward in life, we do so knowing we can stay connected, work together, and continue to develop as a community of technologically adept individuals.

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