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Microchip USB7002 Smart Hub IC for Automotive Applications

Microchip USB7002 Smart Hub IC for Automotive Applications

Image of Microchip USB7002 for automobile smart hubs; Sourcengine has a wide selection of electronic components that can be used in car systems.

Today, consumers depend on their cars for a lot more than transportation. Drivers expect their automobiles to serve as entertainment centers, navigation systems, and video recording platforms.  As on-board data systems become more sophisticated, manufacturers need more comprehensive components to handle high rates and larger quantities of data. Accordingly, Microchip Technology designed its USB7002 SmartHub IC to handle the demands of contemporary automotive connectivity.

Figure 1:  USB7002 SmartHub IC by Microchip. Image source: Microchip


Microchip crafted its SmartHub IC for maximum compatibility, interoperability, and reliability. The firm crafted the USB7002 as a USB 3.1 four-port hub controller that allows for rapid data transfer between vehicles and mobile devices. Notably, the component has two USB Type-C ports, meaning it can move information at a rate of up to 5Gbps.

Furthermore, the USB7002 is equipped with Microchip’s patented FlexConnect protocol. As such, the bus controller directs the vehicle’s on-board network to manage mobile electronics as devices or hosts. Besides, the SmartHub IC is compatible with popular operating systems such as Windows, Apple OS, and Linux.

In addition, the USB7002 offers original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) enhanced configuration capability via OTP and SPI ROM. Combined with its rapid data transfer capability, Microchip’s first USB Type-C compliant SmartHub IC gives engineers the ability to design for tomorrow’s vehicle-device innovations.

Microchip also built the USB7002 for long-term durability. The Automotive Electronics Council rated the component Q100 qualified. Also, the controller has commercial and industrial grade temperature support of −40°C to +85°C.

Figure 2:  USB7002 SmartHub IC from Microchip. Image source: Microchip


The primary application for the USB7002 is to serve as a bus controller for smart vehicles. With them, users can connect their handsets, tablets, and laptop computers to their automobile networks. As a USB 3.1 SmartHub with Type-C support, it offers data transfer speeds that are 10 times faster than the previous generation.

Microchip’s bus controller innovation is highly useful at a time when car manufacturers are making their vehicle networks more sophisticated. For instance, the SmartHub IC allows users to seamlessly stream high-definition video content from their devices to their cockpit displays. The component also gives drivers the ability to connect their automobiles to data-heavy applications, like next-generation navigation programs.

The SmartHub IC can also be a time-saver for firmware updates. As car makers are edging toward deploying fully autonomous self-driving systems, massive hardline data transfer will become increasingly common. The bus controller will ensure those necessary software revisions are as streamlined as possible.

It should be noted that the USB7002 isn’t limited to just expediting device-to-vehicle uploads. The component also gives car owners the ability to quickly download-cam footage from an automobile’s camera system, even if it’s in 4K. As law enforcement agencies are increasingly looking to vehicle surveillance systems to catch suspects, the SmartHub IC can also be used to expedite criminal investigations.

As Microchip’s USB7002 SmartHub IC is specifically designed to handle the network traffic of tomorrow’s smart cars, they are a must-have component for automotive OEMs.

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