IoT Device Developments in 2020 and Beyond

IoT device developments and market trends for 2020 and beyond. Learn more about exciting new developments in this rich area of technology. From automobile cockpits to voice-enabled stereos, we cover it all.

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Microchip MGC3140 3D Tracking and Gesture Controller

In recent years, car makers have evolved consumer vehicles from being analog automobiles to fully connected transports. As such, semiconductor manufacturers like Microchip Technologies have designed software and components that have made car cockpits increasingly safe, functional, and comfortable.

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Microchip USB7002 Smart Hub IC for Automotive Applications

As on-board data systems become more sophisticated, manufacturers need more comprehensive components to handle high rates and larger quantities of data. Accordingly, Microchip Technology designed its USB7002 SmartHub IC to handle the demands of contemporary automotive connectivity.

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Microchip maXTouch 2911-node Touchscreen Controllers

Microchip Technology has developed game-changing components like the maXTouch2911-node Touchscreen Controllers that will power the smart car revolution.

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Microchip’s Microsemi Infuses New Life Into Old Ethernet Networks

The PD-6500 family of midspans delivers Power Over Internet for legacy systems

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