Frequently Asked Questions

1. About Sourcengine

Question:What is Sourcengine?

Sourcengine is a global e-commerce marketplace built specifically for the electronic components industry. It features powerful e-procurement tools for professional buyers and engineers.

Question:How much does Sourcengine cost to use?

Sourcengine is free to use.

Question: What are my payment/credit terms?

Your payment and credit terms will depend on your contract. Your account manager will discuss terms with you during the on-boarding process. If you are currently a Sourceability customer, you can expect your terms to be the same.

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2. Search

Question: How do I search multiple item numbers?

You can search for up to 25 items at a time via the main search box. Item numbers should be separated by spaces. To search for more than 25 items at a time, use the Quotengine BOM upload tool.

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3. Ordering

Question: Does Sourcengine have minimum quantities?

Many offers have minimum order quantities and minimum package quantities. These minimums are listed next to each offer’s details. Sourcengine itself does not impose minimums on orders.

Question: When do I pay for my order?

Payment depends on the terms of your contract. Please contact your account manager for details. If you are already a customer, you can see your terms in your company information tab.

Question: Can I save frequent orders? Can I save a list of the items in my cart?

Yes. While viewing your shopping cart, click “save cart” at the bottom of the page. This will allow you to name the cart and save it. To view a saved cart, go to your customer dashboard and click “saved carts” in the purchasing section.

Question: When do I get my order confirmation?

Your order confirmation will be sent immediately after you place your order.

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4. Delivery

Question: How do I schedule a delivery?

When you begin check out, you can schedule delivery for any or all of the items in your cart by clicking “schedule.” For step-by-step instructions, please use our delivery schedule walkthrough.

Question: Can I schedule more than one delivery for a product?

Yes, you can schedule as many deliveries as you want as long as you meet the minimum package quantity for the item being delivered.

Question: How frequently can I schedule deliveries?

Deliveries can be scheduled for as frequently as once a week.

Question: Do I need to schedule my deliveries?

No. Deliveries will default to immediate shipment if not otherwise scheduled.

Question: Can I reschedule an already-placed order?

No. Details about rescheduling can be found in the tooltips on the re-scheduling page in order history.

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5. Selling Products

Question: I’m a vendor. How do I sell my products on Sourcengine?

If you are factory-direct or an authorized franchisee, please contact our sourcing team at Once your inventory list is uploaded and products are sold, we’ll send orders to you as soon as they come in. Purchasing and logistics on Sourcengine are both handled by Sourceability's robust global network.

Question: Can I sell anything on Sourcengine?

No. Sourcengine is designed by and for the electronic components industry, and only items relating to our industry may be sold on the platform.

Question: Does Sourcengine handle customs for me?

Yes. When you ship ordered products, you send them to our regional warehouse. We handle shipping the products to customers, including import- and export-related forms, duties, and taxes.

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6. Admin

Question: What if not every employee at my company needs or should have access to every part of Sourcengine?

Sourcengine allows you to assign roles to users. Roles are customizable and can be set to give or restrict access exactly as much as you want.

Question: What kinds of roles can I assign?

Roles are customizable. Permissions available include viewing, placing, and approving orders; viewing, submitting, and managing excess cases; managing users; and viewing and editing company information.

Question: Can I set orders to require approval from a supervisor?

Yes. Users without permission to place orders will have their orders held for approval. Users with approval permissions can then approve orders individually from the holding area.

Question: Can I set purchasing limits for users?

Yes. With user management you can set individual limits for order values for each user. Orders placed above a user’s limit will require approval.

Question: Can I change an address or add a new one myself?

All addresses require approval from a Sourcengine account manager. To request a new address or change, click “new address” in the address book.

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7. General

Question: How do I change my currency preference?

During Sourcengine’s launch phase, all transactions will be made with US dollars. Additional currencies will be added later in the year. For any other currency questions, please contact your account manager.

Question: How do I change my language preference?

During Sourcengine’s launch phase, the platform is available in English only. Additional languages will be added later in the year and can be selected from the customer dashboard.

Question: How do I know components on Sourcengine aren't counterfeits?

Sourcengine only sells traceable components. All products are guaranteed to be from licensed distributors or factory-direct. To add reliable and certified excess components to your search results, contact your account manager.

Question: Can I use my phone/tablet to access Sourcengine?

Yes, but because of the large amount of information displayed, Sourcengine is optimized for use with a desktop monitor.

Question: What are the supported browsers for Sourcengine?

Supported browsers for Sourcengine are the most recent stable versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple's Safari, and Microsoft's Internet Explorer (version 11 or higher) and Edge (version 12 or higher).

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