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Sourcengine Updates

Sourcengine Updates

A photo of Europe taken from space.

Anticipating disruptions caused by war in Ukraine

A statement from Sourceability and Sourcengine about the electronics component supply chain disruptions caused by the war in Ukraine.

A graphic with text reading “Comprehensive Q1 Lead Time Report” and a digital mock-up of the report.

Sourcengine Q1 2022 lead time report highlights

Sourcengine releases a new comprehensive lead time report every quarter. For Q1 2022, our forecast provides pricing and availability data on a range of electronic components.

An ariel photo of a port filled with shipping containers and a packed cargo ship.

SE Winter Games Blog: How Digitalization is Helping Electronics Manufacturers Overcome COVID-19 Disruptions

For electronics manufacturers, the coronavirus pandemic has been marked by unprecedented shipment delays, stockouts, and shortages. But digitalization has helped companies overcome the limitations of the components supply chain.

A pile of PCBs, topped by a board featuring VGA, HDMI, USB, RJ-45, and computer audio port connectors.

Sourcengine hosts high-quality connectors from industry-leading manufacturers

Sourcengine currently lists a range of high-quality connectors made by world-class vendors such as Molex, TE Connectivity, Hirose Electric Co., Ltd., and J.S.T. Mfg. Co., Ltd. that are available with immediate global delivery.

A photo of Sourceability founder and CEO Jens Gamperl.

CEO Q&A: A Conversation with Jens Gamperl

Jens Gamperl is the inspiring CEO and founder of Sourceability and Sourcengine. Learn about what he finds most important in business and what advice he has for the semiconductor industry.

A stylish graphic representing Sourcengine’s Q4 2021 lead time report.

Sourcengine Q4 2021 lead time report highlights

Every quarter, Sourcengine releases new comprehensive lead time reports detailing availability and pricing changes for a wide selection of electronic components. Its Q4 2021 offering reflects the impact of multiple disruptions on the worldwide supply chain.

A man seated at a desk in an office environment looks at the Sourcengine homepage on his computer display.

How Our Product Managers are Helping Realize Sourcengine's Vision

Every employee at Sourceability has a unique job that helps bring the company’s vision to life, and our product managers are no different. From empathizing with our customers to creating tools that solve their challenges, our PMs are hard at work making all of Sourceability’s products the best they can be. Today, we want to highlight a few ways our PMs bring Sourceability’s vision to life.

A professional buyer logs onto Sourcengine to get help combating the global chip shortage

How Sourcengine is Helping OEMs and EMS Companies Combat the Global Chip Shortage

Sourcengine’s large supplier network, cutting-edge digital tools, and robust anti-counterfeiting measures can help OEMs and EMS providers over the challenges presented by the global chip shortage.

Sourceability Founder and CEO Jens Gamperl and Sr. Vice President Yashar Shahabi are interviewed on Real Talk with Rob Tavi.

Sourceability executives discuss semiconductor industry challenges on Real Talk with Rob Tavi

Sourceability Founder and CEO Jens Gamperl and Sr. Vice President Yashar Shahabi appear on Real Talk with Rob Tavi to discuss the company’s origins and how it helps buyers succeed in the ever-changing electronic components marketplace.

An image of the Sourcengine logo with a series of printed circuit transmission lines emanating from it.

How OEMs, CMs, and EMS companies can mitigate the challenges of the global semiconductor industry

Amid unprecedented worldwide disruption, electronics OEMs need to rethink how they do business in the global semiconductor industry. Sourcengine can help original equipment manufacturers tackle those challenges head on.

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