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Anticipating disruptions caused by war in Ukraine

Anticipating disruptions caused by war in Ukraine

A photo of Europe taken from space.

As a global organization, we are deeply saddened by the war in Ukraine and, first and foremost, its impact on millions of people.

We also know that the war in Ukraine is raising concern among both suppliers and customers in the electronic components industry. Beyond global distribution challenges caused by the conflict, Eastern Europe supplies a significant number of raw materials needed to manufacture semiconductor chips. That means we must prepare for a potential negative impact on the production and distribution of such components.

The full impact of the war in Ukraine on the electronic components industry will be determined in the coming weeks and months. However, it’s critical that customers plan for continued supply constraints to be further compounded by today’s geopolitical environment. Sourceability and Sourcengine will continue monitoring the situation and work with our global supplier network to help our customers face the challenges of this impact.

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