A Personal Take on Why We Invented Sourcengine

Our Senior VP of Digital Solutions, Yashar Shahabi, shares a personal story of what led him into the electronic components industry and more importantly, why he began working on Sourcengine, the leading e-commerce marketplace for professional buyers in the components industry.

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Sourcengine's Commitment to Quality Reassures Professional Buyers

Sourcengine's commitment to quality reassures professional buyers when they use our e-commerce marketplace to procure components. As the electronic components shortage continues to confound the industry, procurement specialists can look to new tools and platforms to help.

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Sourcengine's Dashboard for Electronic Components Procurement

Sourcengine's dashboard is full of tools that every procurement department can utilize to maintain supply chains in the electronic components industry. Take this brief tour to learn how it can help your company in daily procurement operations.

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Graphical Price Assessment Helping Electronic Component Buyers: Sourcengine’s Source Grid™

Source Grid™ is a graphical price assessment of an electronic component against the lead times offered by our suppliers in real time. It was designed to help Sourcengine’s customers visually compare offers from our global suppliers. See Source Grid™ video in action while reading this article.

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5 Reasons to Buy On Sourcengine

Sourceability's latest tool, Sourcengine, offers a full suite of digital procurement tools. Here are 5 reasons to sign up for a free account today.

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Cut Procurement Costs: Easily Using E-Commerce Marketplace Tools for Efficient Sourcing

What’s the number one priority for your supply chain management system?

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The Right Research & Right Parts: How Supply Chain Software Enhances Electronic Component Sourcing

Are you making the best possible purchase for your company in terms of value, reliability, and price? The lack of a viable supply chain management (SCM) process to browse, select, and source electronic parts has a significant negative impact on ROI.

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Make Your BOM Work Smarter: Streamline, Simplify and Source Electronic Parts with Supply Chain Software

While most project managers, engineers, and product supply chain personnel don’t consider the BOM an order-ready resource, today’s advanced supply chain software (SCM) enables easy integration and ordering for even the most data-rich BOMs.

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4 Tips to Improve Your Purchasing Strategies for Electronic Components

Buying electronic components is easier than ever. It’s also more difficult than ever. Let us explain.

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