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Sourcengine: The Digital Electronic Component Market for Professional Buyers

Sourcengine: The Digital Electronic Component Market for Professional Buyers

The best place to buy components

It’s time to leave weeks spent playing phone-tag and hundreds of Excel pages at the door. The digital age is here and with it comes the e-commerce and procurement market for electronic components that every professional buyer needs.  

Sourcengine is one of the largest digital electronic component marketplaces that gives thousands of buyers millions of components at their fingertips.  

If timesaving, cost-effectiveness, traceability, and ease-of-use are on your list for an online marketplace you don’t need to look any further. Comparing prices, availability, and delivery times between multiple sellers from our extensive franchised lines has never been easier.

With specific features aimed at making every purchase as simple and quick as possible, you can pursue our extensive collection of semiconductors, passives, electromechanicals, and interconnects. If you have a specific part in mind Sourcengine’s search bar will take right to the needed part. Quality assurance for every component is guaranteed with Sourcengine’s compliance and certifications. For that extra peace of mind, there’s a 3-year warranty on all components sold through Sourcengine. So, you can buy smartly and safely without concern.  

And we’re only beginning to scratch the surface. It’s time to break down some of Sourcengine’s most impressive features and what they can do for you.  

Billions of Components at Your Fingertips

Professional buyers are under a lot of stress lately. The Covid-19 pandemic threw an already volatile supply chain into chaotic disruption. If finding the right components at the lowest price with the fastest lead times is hard during a normal market, the pandemic amplified these challenges. Enterprise marketplaces, the B2B version of consumer marketplace such as Amazon, are the easiest ways to improve procurement processes.  

Though there sometimes are limitations. Some might not have enough inventory or lack global visibility. These problems often lead to buyers having to constantly navigate through different sites to find the entire component list. The same is true for hard to source components. Especially if these enterprise marketplaces do not have an easy-to-search database.

Sourcengine takes these challenges out of the equation. With an initiative and exhaustive search feature for a massive global database of over 1 billion parts, you don’t have to search multiple sites again. If you have an extensive list, there’s no need to tediously search one part at a time either. Buyers can search for up to 4,000 line items at one time by uploading their bill-of-materials (BOM).  

A Global Sales Network with Real Time Data

Thousands of professional buyers and suppliers in one simple marketplace. Don’t let the massive size intimidate you, Sourcengine breaks down mountains of data on global prices, availability, and lead times on the component you’re looking for. You can filter results to find the exact part you're looking for by manufacturer, lifecycle status, RoHS compliance, and exact match.  

With our billion-part inventory, you can break regional boundaries by comparing global prices, availability, and lead times. If you need more information Sourcengine provides data sheets on millions and millions of parts that include compliance information, parametric data, and fit-form-function (FFF) alternatives.

If you still can’t find what you’re looking for you still have options. You can request a quote from our global team of industry experts to source components not readily available on our site.

Quotengine, Your Go-To BOM Tool

Bill-of-material lists that once took weeks to calculate over long and complex spreadsheets are no more. Sourcengine’s BOM tool is sure to cut the time spent on traditional BOM fulfillment by far more than 50%.

The innovative enterprise quoting and BOM management tool you need for any project. Integrated with Sourcengine, Quotengine is the BOM tool professional buyers are looking for. No more single-search limitations, just upload your list of up to 4,000 line items and hit search. You’ll instantly receive vetted offers and availability of components from over 3,500 suppliers. If you’re satisfied, you can add them all to your cart for check-out in one easy and streamlined click.  

Quotengine offers enterprise quoting capabilities, one transaction for entire BOM, BOM management, price benchmarking, and product information. If you can’t find what you need you can submit an RFQ to our global and knowledgeable sourcing team of experts. Our experts are available for you whenever and wherever you need support whether it's over the phone, email, or online 24/7.  

Over 3,500+ Traceable and Vetted Suppliers

Not only can you browse over 1 billion parts for your perfect match, but you can buy factory direct from our vetted and traceable suppliers. With over 3,500 suppliers and 40 franchised lines that are constantly growing, you can rest easy knowing your parts are both of high quality and authentic.  

Sourcengine’s rigorous and unbiased program will protect your transactions. If anything goes wrong, you don’t get burned. Our 3-year warranty covers all parts we sell so you never have to worry about your purchase.  

Procurement Efficiency Tools

Sourcengine is here to make buying parts online as easy as possible, which sometimes means taking care of business in advance. Lead times have been in constant flux over the past two years from sudden disruptions from weather to geopolitical strife. If you need to buy in advance Sourcengine allows you to do so up to 12 months in advance.  

For those that need components faster, you can always purchase single part orders and take advantage of our just-in-time (JIT) delivery. Sourcengine’s order history feature lets you reorder previous shipments and keep an accurate record of your past transactions whenever you need.

Sourcengine’s application programming interface (API) allows your company to run our e-commerce site on your company’s own enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. This real-time data will be able to provide you with offers whenever your plan requires them.  

It doesn’t stop there. If data transmissions are a problem, Sourcengine’s API partnership with Orbweaver offers three levels of integration built off Connect: inform, advance, and custom. If you’re an EMS provider that requires traditional RFQ processes but is faster, Sourcengine’s partnered with CalcuQuote to manage all your RFQ processes on our user-friendly dashboard.

EMS providers can utilize Sourcengine’s partnership with Luminovo’s LumiQuote to streamline and expedite quoting processes.  

No matter what you need or how you need it, Sourcengine has a tool so you can achieve it.

Supplier Features to Sell Components or Excess on Sourcengine

As one of the largest global component marketplaces, if you have excess stock there is no better audience to sell to. Excess stock is quickly becoming a problem that needs to be mitigated before it costs too much to fix. The best way to do that is selling it off and Sourcengine can help you do it.

The manufacturer's name and the type of part are all the information you need to start selling on Sourcengine. More information such as date code, lifecycle status, and more is helpful but not necessary to begin listing. You don’t even have to worry about making a listing in the first place. Once Sourcengine’s experts have those two pieces of information it’s off to the races.  

If you want to sell regular stock on Sourcengine as an OCM, the process is just as streamlined. Sourcengine’s supplier application will get you up and among the other 3,500+ suppliers that have chosen to sell through Sourcengine.  

The last few years have been rough. Purchasing components shouldn’t be a difficult process, especially when a single component can make or break a project. That’s why Sourcengine is continually finding newer and better ways to make the process as quick and easy as possible.

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Sourcengine’s Lead Time Report
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Sourcengine’s Lead Time Report
Strategize for upcoming market shifts through lead time and price trends with our quarterly lead time report.
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