DRAM Spot Prices Hit Two Year High Due to Global Chip Shortage

The global chip shortage is causing DRAM spot prices to rise drastically, which is bound to have a real impact on one of the most common pieces of office and home equipment around: the printer.

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SK Hynix to Pay ASML $4.3B Over Five Years for EUV Machines

SK Hynix is investing in extreme-ultraviolet lithography (EUV) machines to fabricate its 1a nm DRAM products. With recent reports from TrendForce about the rise in DRAM pricing, this will be good news to the industry.

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Server DRAM Prices Predicted to Rise by 10 to 15 Percent in Q2

As fallout from the pandemic and work-from-home realities continue to plague the industry, TrendForce predicts the next category to feel the crunch will be DRAM. Professional buyers should expect to see server DRAM prices rise as data center providers drive demand.

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DRAM and NAND Revenue to Top 2020 Integrated Circuit Sales Charts

Market analysts estimate that DRAM and NAND sales will top global electronic components sales with total revenue of over $120.3 billion.

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Micron Technology CIO RLDRAM 2

In today’s hyper-connected marketplace, manufacturers need components that can sustain high levels of bandwidth with an absolute minimum of lag. Accordingly, Micron Technology developed its second-generation common input/output reduced-latency dynamic random access memory (CIO RLDRAM 2) chips. By implementing the memory device in their systems, developers can benefit from better than DDR3 performance with the ease of use of an SRAM-like interface.

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