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Micron Technology CIO RLDRAM 2

Micron Technology CIO RLDRAM 2

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In today’s hyper-connected marketplace, manufacturers need components that can sustain high levels of bandwidth with an absolute minimum of lag. Accordingly, Micron Technology developed its second-generation common input/output reduced-latency dynamic random access memory (CIO RLDRAM 2) chips. By implementing the memory device in their systems, developers can benefit from better than DDR3 performance with the ease of use of an SRAM-like interface.


To start, Micron’s CIO RLDRAM 2 features eight-bank architecture that allows for optimum high-speed operation and double data rate input/output. Indeed, the series’ compact form factor offers reduced address and data lines as compared to traditional four-bank DRAM. Also, the component line can facilitate peak bandwidth levels because its design reduces the possibility of random-access conflicts.

The CIO RLDRAM 2 also boasts DDR operation at 533 MHz and a pin data rate of 1.67 Gb/s. In addition, the memory device line has a peak bandwidth of 38.4 Gb/s thanks to the concurrent operation of its eight banks. The series also decreased cycle time of 15 ns at 335 MHz.

Micron took care to design its second-generation reduced-latency DRAM with balanced write and read functionality. As such, the common input/output chips have optimized data bus utilization. The component also has embedded on-die termination, which allows for greater stability in high-speed multipoint systems.

In addition, the CIO RLDRAM 2 series features differentiated input and output clocks, with 25 ohms to 60 ohms impedance outputs. The line, which has a refresh rate of 32 ns, is also available in different configurations to fit designers’ idiomatic needs. MT49H8M36 is available at 16 Meg x 9, the MT49H32M18 offers 32 Meg x 18, and the MT49H64M9 provides 64 Megs x 9.


As a high-performance, low lag memory solution, Micron’s CIO RLDRAM 2 is an ideal component for contemporary networking systems. Specifically, the series’ innovative architecture makes it a top-flight solution for 10GbE, 40GbE, and 100GbE packet buffering and inspections tasks.

Besides, Micron designed the series for compatibility with a range of field-programmable gate arrays and network processors. Consequently, CIO RLDRAM offers greater than DDR3 level performance with robust implementation functionality. Also, the surface-mounted memory device line features a compact clamshell design suitable for dense PCBs.

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MT49H16M36SJ-18:B TR








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