Sourcengine’s Tech Angle: How Semiconductors Power the Super Bowl

Sourcengine's diving into the history of Super Bowl LVII's upcoming MVP and it's not Patrick Mahomes or Jalen Hurts. It's our favorite chips, semiconductors.

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Broadcom BCM56980B0KFSBG StrataXGS Tomahawk 3 Chips

Cloud data centers will process an estimated 19,590 EB in data flow by 2021. As such levels of traffic would strain the capabilities of current generation networking hardware, Broadcom recently introduced a new solution. The firm’s StrataXGS Tomahawk 3 series of chips can tackle the challenges of hyperscale throughput.

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Phoenix Contact M12 Push-Pull Connectors

When establishing and maintaining data and signal networks, it’s essential to utilize components that are easy to use. That quality is even more critical when it comes to communications gear deployed in harsh or remote areas. Accordingly, networking administrators would do well to invest in the M12 Push-Pull Connectors made by Phoenix Contact.

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