How Medical Automation is Changing Healthcare

Automation is on the rise in every market sector, including healthcare. The benefits that come from incorporating advanced technology and artificial intelligence in medicine are immense, no matter the level of automation.

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Sourcengine’s Tech Angle: What is Web3 and How Does it Affect Electronic Components?

The World Wide Web has gone through many iterations, but what is Web3 and how does it differ from the popular metaverse? What does a new web mean for electronic components? Let's find out.

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Sourcengine’s Tech Angle: The Rise of Generative AI

Generative artificial intelligence is the rising star of 2023, but what propelled it to this level of popularity and why?

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Sourcengine’s Tech Angle: What ChatGPT’s Popularity Means for the Future

ChatGPT is making waves, but what is it and what do current artificial intelligence trends like ChatGPT mean for the electronic component industry?

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Emerging Artificial Intelligence (AI) Trends to Watch in 2020

So what does AI’s brave new world have in store for 2020? Sourcengine’s AI parts and components consultants thinks the following trends will define AI well into the next decade.

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