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Emerging Artificial Intelligence (AI) Trends to Watch in 2020

Emerging Artificial Intelligence (AI) Trends to Watch in 2020

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Artificial intelligence (AI) just concluded a monumental decade. During the 2010s, AI grew from a select core of products and applications into a primary technology for industries and applications across the entire business continuum.

Given the increased demand for AI products and services, Sourcengine’s™ e-commerce marketplace is poised to deliver on-point, accurate supply chain management for any organization involved with AI procurement – developers, engineers, distribution firms, suppliers, and everyone else in thee-procurement field.

So what does AI’s brave new world have in store for 2020? Sourcengine’s AI parts and components consultants thinks the following trendswill define AI well into the next decade.


ArtificialIntelligence, Genuine Impact; Key Development for 2020 and Beyond

Here’s a handful of trends that will drive AI development for 2020:

·      Cutting-“edge”data modeling. With machine learning (ML) gaining some serious steam in the world of AI, it looks as though cloud computing may not be able to keep pace,simply due to sufficient real-time processing demands. As such, expect this upcoming trend for 2020 and beyond: IAAS, or infrastructure-as-a-service. IAAS offers more accurate, comprehensive data analysis for a broad range of applications,all driven by AI. For 2020, some analysts predict edge computing and IAAS will grow by 50% for 2020.

·      Next-generationcomputer graphics and virtual reality environments. Funny how tomorrow’s trends are referred to as “next-generation.” Well, we can say with certainty that a few emerging technologies live up to the billing. One is the upcoming 5G revolution. Another is AI’s influence on computer graphics and gaming environments. Just when you though VR couldn’t get any more authentic, AI is already raising the gaming bar by enabling more realistic environments for users to play in.

·      Advanced,automatic error detection. Wouldn’t it be great to identify and fix errors before they happen? One of the most interesting AI trends in 2020 is something called anomaly detection . This process uses streamlined machine learning processes – a core component of AI – to highlight unexpected patterns in specific datasets.For programmers and software developers, anomaly detection is a welcome advancement. New release code will “clean up” previous bugs and errors automatically. This 2020 AI trend also shows promising potential for everything from industrial design to IoT device performance.

·      Bolstered AI budgets. What about the AI market in general? Here’s a trend that’ll affect the worldwide AI marketplace for the entire decade: expanded budgets to keep pace with increased AI demand. In just a few years, the entire global budget for AI systems, products, and components is expected to reach nearly $100billion, a nearly 250% increase from the current spending figure (roughly$38 billion).

·      Intuitive sales resources and efficient B2B marketing. Why should AI’s impact stop at the engineering lab? Look for AI to make significant strides into the sales and marketing realm using pattern recognition and intuitive understanding of particular market segments (trading partners, suppliers, customers, etc.).Savvy marketers already know how AI creates effective shortcuts for gaining leads and capitalizing on timely business/sales opportunities. Now, key AI stakeholders are catching up with programs and applications that align client requirements with business core offerings and services, which will boost service capacity, all while keeping customer satisfaction rates high!


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