Passive, Reactive Component Lead Times Increase Amid Global Chip Shortage

The global chip shortage is affecting lead times in all categories. Now, passive and reactive components (capacitors, inductors) are seeing lead times increase. Get the latest information on manufacturers feeling the crunch.

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KEMET's MPXV Inductor for Electronic Control Units (ECUs)

KEMET's MPXV inductor line (MPXV1D2213L220) is ideal for electric vehicles. As this sector grows, will it be key to recovery from the coronavirus? Learn what the MPXV's versatility can do for your manufacturing needs.

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Vishay IHLP Low-Profile Power Inductors

Vishay has been developing the IHLP series of power inductors since 2001. As such, the line now encompasses a wide range of components suitable for a host of different functions.

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