Intelligent Automotive Trends for 2020 and Beyond

We’ve certainly come a long way in the automotive industry since the first Model-T was produced in 1908. For decades, vehicular advancements were measured in horsepower, miles per gallon, torque, and other electro-mechanical attributes. And in many ways, they still are. However, with the exciting new world of connected automobiles in full swing, cars are just as likely to be gauged on their Wi-Fi capability as their fuel efficiency. Let’s review some connected automobile trends to watch for in 2020 and the coming decade.

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Samtec Mini Mate Isolated Power Connectors

Samtec Mini Mate isolated power connectors IPS1 and IPT1 are offered at Sourcengine. Buy and get competitive pricing from Samtec factory direct.

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Littelfuse AQ Series TVS Diodes

Littelfuse AQ Series TVS diodes are offered at Sourcengine. Learn more about the Littelfuse diodes, download data sheets and compare pricing from various sellers.

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Will Electric Vehicles Create a Disconnect for Component Availability?

Now that the automotive marketplace has had enough time to allow practical technology and production schedules to meet predictions from ten years ago, it looks like the electric vehicle era is finally here.

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Microchip MGC3140 3D Tracking and Gesture Controller

In recent years, car makers have evolved consumer vehicles from being analog automobiles to fully connected transports. As such, semiconductor manufacturers like Microchip Technologies have designed software and components that have made car cockpits increasingly safe, functional, and comfortable.

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Microchip USB7002 Smart Hub IC for Automotive Applications

As on-board data systems become more sophisticated, manufacturers need more comprehensive components to handle high rates and larger quantities of data. Accordingly, Microchip Technology designed its USB7002 SmartHub IC to handle the demands of contemporary automotive connectivity.

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Microchip maXTouch 2911-node Touchscreen Controllers

Microchip Technology has developed game-changing components like the maXTouch2911-node Touchscreen Controllers that will power the smart car revolution.

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