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Best Operational Amplifiers in 2022

Operational amplifiers, also known as “op amps,” are commonly used in the development of analog electronic circuits. Engineers of all skill levels frequently incorporate these workhorse components into their electronic designs.

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What is a MOSFET? PANJIT Technology Applications for Engineers

MOSFETs (Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors) are a type of semiconductor used for switching and amplifying electronic signals. MOSFETs have many applications in the automotive, transport, and communications sector.

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Texas Instruments' (TI) OPA548F/500 Power Amplifier Stock Levels Fall

This article talks about Texas Instruments' (TI) OPA548F/500 market performance analysis. In this deep market performance analysis we talk about the pricing, stock levels, alternates and the design risk factors over a period of time. Learn all the details of OPA548F/500 to make effective purchasing decisions.

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What’s the Difference Between Passive and Active Components? Procurement Professional Driven Education

Do you know what passive devices are? While engineers and designers within your organization know, procurement personnel may not be up to speed with passive devices. If you’ve involved with e-procurement or supply chain processes and your curiosity about passive electronic components is anything but passive, keep reading!

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COVID-19 Case Study From its Source: The Resilient, Redoubtable Semiconductor Industry

Let's go back to the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak in China and discuss the impact it has had on the semiconductor industry globally. Is Coronavirus the next great challenge to the semiconductor supply chain?

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Intelligent Automotive Trends for 2020 and Beyond

We’ve certainly come a long way in the automotive industry since the first Model-T was produced in 1908. For decades, vehicular advancements were measured in horsepower, miles per gallon, torque, and other electro-mechanical attributes. And in many ways, they still are. However, with the exciting new world of connected automobiles in full swing, cars are just as likely to be gauged on their Wi-Fi capability as their fuel efficiency. Let’s review some connected automobile trends to watch for in 2020 and the coming decade.

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The Microprocessor Market Trends: A Continued Growth into 2020s?

In order to gain a solid understanding of the worldwide electronic components marketplace, one key segment offers unique insight: the microprocessor market. Microprocessor data allows a bird’s eye view of worldwide PC and smartphone demand, manufacturer supply chains, consumer preferences, and projected revenue growth for the entire worldwide economy – just to name a few critical factors. know We how important microprocessor market trends are for you and your business. With that in mind, we put together some key data points, market trends, and other indicators to keep an eye on for 2020 and the years ahead.

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NXP's NFC Solution for Security in Industrial Automation

NXP has developed an extensive portfolio with over 30 product lines and applications to enable comprehensive solutions at all layers of factory automation including manufacturing, logistics, operations, and edge-cloud.

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The 5G Forecast: How Will the Technology Impact the Industry?

Regarding 5G technology, here’s the question everyone wants to know: how will 5G impact the communications industry? The better question might be: how won’t 5G impact the industry?

Graphical image with "power density vs power efficiency" written across it. Learn more at Sourcengine.

Power Density and Power Efficiency: Considerations for Engineers & Designers

The “great debate” about power efficiency vs power density is one of those classic engineering arguments that can quickly get lost in the weeds. It’s also closely tied to the theory of diminishing returns.

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