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Texas Instruments' (TI) OPA548F/500 Power Amplifier Stock Levels Fall

Texas Instruments' (TI) OPA548F/500 Power Amplifier Stock Levels Fall

Image with Texas Instruments OPA548F/500 Power Amplifier Market Trend Analysis typed on it. To learn more about the electronic components marketplace, follow Sourcengine.

Texas Instruments’ OPA548F/500 high voltage/high power amplifier

One of Texas Instruments’ top selling power amplifiers, the OPA548F/500, has seen a significant decline in stock, to date, after a large peak in mid-June 2019, along with a modest price increase in mid-August 2019, but the price has been quite steady since then.

Meanwhile, U.S. stocks soared at the end of March, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average notching its biggest one-day point gain ever and its best percentage gain since 1933, a day after plunging to the lowest levels since 2016, amid growing optimism that Congress will come to an agreement on a fiscal stimulus package aimed at combating the economic impact of the coronavirus epidemic.

We are now well into the impact of the Corona virus on our people and economy. There is an increasing impact on the semiconductor market from COVID-19, especially after the World Health Organization declared an emergency. It seems that the largest impact is on unit sales, which are down. IC sales improved enough to pull this back a bit while ASPs stayed relatively high.

How did the OPA548F/500 benchmarks perform?

OPA548F/500 benchmark performances, The price analysis is based on a purchase quantity of 5000.
Stock and Average Price Trends of OPA548F/500; Source: ECIA
OPA548F/500 has 9 FFF alternates.
OPA548F/500 Alternates; Source: Sourcengine

Sourcengine gives OPA548F/500 a 3.5-star rating, out of 5, for the Market Availability Score. The score is evaluated based on how many vendors (distributors and manufacturers selling direct) are selling this part and its expected lead time.  A higher score indicates better availability and lead times.

There are nine Form Fit Function (FFF) and Functional Equivalent alternates for the part. Below, we list out the available alternates for immediate or lead time purchase:

  1. OPA548FKTWTG3 – Form Fit Function (FFF)
  2. OPA548FKTWT – Form Fit Function (FFF)
  3. OPA548F/500G3 – Form Fit Function (FFF)

Design Risk Level

In addition to assessing the Market Availability Score described above, Sourcengine is also looking into the details of the design-in risk factors. Design engineers do not need to worry about incorporating OPA548F/500 into their design as the design risk level for this part number is low.

Design Risk Level for OPA548F/500 is low due. On a scale 1 to 5, Sourcengine gives it a 1, meaning the lowest design is risk.
Design Risk Level for OPA548F/500; Source: Sourcengine

On a scale 1 to 5, where 1 is the lowest design risk, Sourcengine gives OPA548F/500 a design grade of 1. Design Risk is calculated based on market availability and the lifecycle of a part. No need to worry about incorporating this product on the PCB.

What drove the market?

In general, Analog and Automotive semiconductor sales growth temporarily dipped 30% negatively in Late December 2019/early January 2020 and recovered to 10% in mid-February 2020. Those sales are now declining since March and are headed negative again.

Significant market drivers for the Power Amplifier market are Motor drivers, Semiconductor manufacturing and Automated Test Equipment (ATE) test racks using multiple power amplifiers per rack, and ultrasound scanners. It has been an ongoing trend in the semiconductor industry that what happens in ATE orders is a leading indicator for the rest of the semiconductor market; however, the arrival of the Corona virus will affect that trend this year and into next.

The high voltage/high power amplifiers we are highlighting here are not simple on/off devices. These are linear amplifiers and not just a high voltage switch.

What are some of the applications that require a bipolar output?

  • Piezo drivers in inkjet printers and ultrasound transducers.
  • Automatic test equipment (ATE) drivers used to drive semiconductor ICs, hybrid devices, and modules
  • Scientific instruments like a Geiger counter
  • The high intensity laser diodes in automotive LiDAR imaging system

What else can affect the market trend?

International standards

For Power architectures operating above around 60 V (the actual value depends on the end-application and country/region), there are implementation of safety issues and standards. For these higher voltage designs, manufacturers must decide how to separate the higher voltages from lower, safer ones. This may involve one or more mechanical means such as barriers, interlocks, insulation, or spacing.

Power supply make versus buy decisions

In many cases, the introductory and growth stage uses, a bit higher cost, modular power design for fast time-to-market. In difficult financial times, as well as in the mature product cycle stage and declining stages, manufacturers may go from a modular design to a discrete design for their solution to save money.

The COVID-19 factor

U.S. lawmakers are responding to the pandemic with an agreement for a roughly $2 trillion coronavirus rescue package, in hopes to reignite buying on Wall Street for the near term.

IHS Markit’s U.S. Purchasing Manager’s Index, for the manufacturing sector, slipped to 49.2 in March from 50.7 in February, as the service sector index sank to 39.1 from 49.9 (readings below 50 indicate contraction). This is the lowest level recorded since data became available in October 2009.

Where can I buy TI’s OPA548F/500?

In light of this low stock market status, buyers will be able to use Sourcengine to find the product quantities they need, at the best competitive pricing, in real time. Click Here to buy Texas Instruments OPA548F/500.

I have never purchased through Sourcengine before. Who is Sourcengine?

Sourcengine is the industry-leading e-commerce marketplace dedicated specifically to electronic components. With over 3,000 suppliers/sellers (distributors and manufacturers direct) on our platform, we provide component buyers and procurement professionals an access to over 530 million transactable part numbers. No need to shop from multiple sources and websites. Our marketplace brings the sellers to you in one place. Sourcengine also empowers supply chain professionals with an immediate access to component data sheets, alternates, and compliance details such as ECCN, ECCN governance, HTS code, and SB code. Visit Sourcengine today for more details.

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