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Microchip Technology’s Automotive Solutions Enables Next-Generation Car Development

Microchip Technology’s Automotive Solutions Enables Next-Generation Car Development

A next-generation automobile dashboard panel. Sourcengine provides a three-year warranty for all electronic components purchased through its platform.

One of the prevailing trends in contemporary automotive industry development is the concept of the third living space. The evolution of vehicle cockpit and ADAS technology allows new cars to be as functional as an office and as comfortable as a home.

The auto industry’s new focus on convenience is a response to larger societal changes. Digitalization and demographic shifts have created a global consumer base that wants to be connected at all times.

For OEMs, addressing that paradigm shift means designing electronic systems and equipment that make their offerings more livable. And successfully bringing those items to market is easier when using best-in-class chips.

As it happens, Microchip Technology recently unveiled multiple automotive components that align with the priorities of contemporary buyers.

Automotive Components that Enable Innovation

Microchip emerged as a leading provider of vehicle components because its portfolio is full of products that enable innovation. Its latest offerings have a level of sophistication and performance that proves it is helping its clients break new ground.

For example, the firm’s ATSAME51G18A-MU 32-bit microcontroller is ideal for inclusion in next-generation automotive projects. Part of its SAM D5x/E5x family, the MCU is built around a 120MHz Arm Cortex-M4 core with a floating-point unit. It also has up to 1MB of dual-panel flash and a maximum of 256KB SRAM with error correction code.

Besides, the device is remarkably energy-efficient, supporting five low-power modes with 65µA/MHz of active power performance.

Those attributes allow it to run process-intensive applications with the consistency mission-critical digital vehicle systems demand.

As an added benefit, the ATSAME51G18A-MU has short lead time despite the impact of the global semiconductor shortage. Microchip also makes several alternates for the MCU available in a variety of quantities and delivery dates.

Electronics Parts That Address Contemporary Challenges

As consumers have prioritized technological convenience in their vehicles, carmakers responded by making their onboard electronic platforms more intricate. On the plus side, the trend is generating more opportunities for OEMs with forward-thinking design sensibilities. But it has also created new conflicts, like board space limitations.

Thankfully, Microchip’s new automotive microelectronic devices directly address those contemporary challenges.

To start, the firm made its new DSA1001DL1-027.0000VAO CMOS oscillators with an ultra-miniature footprint and robust performance. The device’s 2.5mm x 2.0mm x 0.85mm form factor makes it appealing for space-constrained projects. It also has a frequency range of 1MHz to 150MHz and MIL-STD 883 shock and vibration resistance.

Therefore, the oscillator has the size and ruggedness to become a crucial component in new ADAS and infotainment systems.

Microchip’s MCP9501PT-125E/OTVAO digital temperature switches with selectable hysteresis are another fantastic recent addition to its lineup.

The sensor takes readings that are accurate within ±1°C and has an operational temperature range of -40°C to 125°C. That means they can protect vehicle systems in areas where weather-related overheating is a problem. Increased on-road dependability is important in a marketplace where convenience is emerging as a major buyer preference.

Plus, the MCP9501PT-125E/OTVAO comes in a space-saving 5-lead SOT-23 package.

In addition, Microchip offers alternates for both the MCP9501PT-125E/OTVAO and the DSA1001DL1-027.0000VAO. As a result, OEMs that utilize these parts in their designs can mitigate the impact of semiconductor shortage prompted supply problems.

In recent decades, technology has made living spaces more pleasant and workplaces more flexible. But those places only became better thanks to the support of cutting-edge and highly reliable electronic components. Microchip is a vendor that can provide companies with the products needed to bring those advances to third place automobiles.

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