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CircuitByte’s BOM Connector is an essential electronics manufacturing tool

Sourcengine is excited to announce a new partnership with CircuitByte that makes the electronic component procurement process even easier. As a result, electronic manufacturing services (EMS) can use CircuitByte’s BOM Connector to quickly and easily order components from our global e-commerce platform with more than 1 billion parts. Since it can integrate with several enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms, it is a highly adaptable solution. EMS and OEM companies can also utilize it to streamline the procurement process, increase operational efficiency, and save money.

What Makes BOM Connector Special

CircuitByte’s BOM Connector stands out because of its incredibly robust usability and back end support.

The system enables firms to review up-to-date component pricing and upload part list data in multiple formats. That means users do not need to convert CSV, Excel, HTML, or free text files prior to use. In addition, its ERP-interoperability means that users will not need to familiarize themselves with a new digital interface.

The algorithmically driven platform assists EMS and OEMs in preparing, scrubbing, and verifying their BOMs to improve order accuracy. The state-of-the-art system also alerts users to quantity errors and manufacturer part number (MPN) mismatches.

BOM Connector is highly effective at helping businesses expedite procurement, regardless of size or location. It is designed to utilize their online credentials to pull information from various supplier databases. That functionality enables it to display live offer data from multiple vendors that can be transacted on with just a few clicks using Sourcengine’s API.

BOM Connector also lets its clients create “Golden BOMs.” These spreadsheets, composed of frequently purchased parts, make reordering simple and fast.

Improving Efficiency, Saving Time, and Cutting Costs

Another advantage of using BOM Connector is that it improves interdepartmental coordination and reduces development time.

The system features an integrated design viewer that allows users to harness CAD information to enhance their BOMs. It can accept layouts directly from MSS Process Preparation, extract specific attributes, and cross-link with its part listings. By using the tool, designers can verify their projects’ technical properties and review component end-of-life status.

That accessibility makes new product introduction (NPI) design work easier and more accurate, thereby optimizing the manufacturing process.

The platform records design entries for buyers to access when making purchases. It permits users to adjust their order quantities to glean bulk pricing information and supports a host of “Best Price” tools. The system also lets firms browse for consignment parts and performs currency conversions between different geographic regions.

In addition, BOM Connector directly interfaces with manufacturing execution systems (MES), so buyers can factor process expenses (like stenciling) into their NPI cost calculations. Its Sourcengine API integration lets companies schedule deliveries for multiple locations based on their unique needs.

Those features give organizations the power to budget more effectively and make their products more lucrative.

As an online system, the tool acts as a centralized procurement hub for multiple department heads. Design, manufacturing, logistics, and purchasing staffers can use it to collaborate on orders without wasting time in meetings or writing follow-up emails.

Essentially, BOM Connector enables manufacturers to harness the power of digitalization to become more functional, efficient, and profitable enterprises.