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Infineon IR3550MTRPBF Integrated PowIRstage

Infineon IR3550MTRPBF Integrated PowIRstage

Infineon IR3550MTRPBF Integrated PowIRstage chip image with wording underneath; learn more about this semiconductor component at Sourcengine.

As processors, graphics cards, and memory arrays become more sophisticated, they require similarly multifaceted power solutions. Infineon Technologies has addressed that technological need with its IR3550 Integrated PowIRstage. The innovative 60A component features an innovative design that will allow it to regulate the voltage of today’s cutting-edge computer hardware.


The IR3550 features a robust synchronous buck gate driver, control MOSFET, synchronous MOSFET, and Schottky diode. In addition, the PowIRstage offers 60A of DC capability and an output voltage range of 0.25V to Vcc-2.5V. Also, the component has a peak efficiency of 95 percent at 1.5V.

Because of these design elements, the IR3550 is 3 percent more energy-efficient than alternative power stage solutions. As such, the PowIRstage enables the high-efficiency processes of high-performance CPUs, GPUs, and DDR memory.

The Infineon’s IC also features an embedded current sense amplifier. As such, it provides high-quality current sensory accuracy and a low signal-to-noise ratio compared to inductor DCR sense methodologies. The component also boasts a 1 MHz switching frequency that facilitates high-performance transient response.

Besides, Infineon incorporated its Body-Braking load transient support technology into the IR3550. Therefore, developers can reduce the number of output capacitors in PCBs that feature the PowIRstage. The component has a synchronous diode emulation mode that precludes the need for PWM controllers to perform zero current detection.

The IC’s Body-Braking feature also optimizes system light-load efficiency.

Infineon’s IR3550 products are also a quality power solution for manufacturers because they offer multifaceted performance in a compact form factor. The PowIRstage is available in a 6 mm x 6 mm x 0.9 mm PQFN package. Consequently, its footprint makes it compatible with other power solutions ranging from 40A to 60A. Besides, the component has superior durability thanks to its double-sided cooling functionality.

Also, the PowIRstage is lead-free and compliant with RoHS and Intel DrMOS V4.0.


By virtue of its small size, high performance, and multifaceted design, the PowIRstage has several applications in electronic hardware. IR3550 components are ideal for use in cutting edge personal desktop computers and workstations. Designers would also be well served by using the IC for voltage control functions on next-generation GPUs.

Infineon’s PowIRstage device also has the capacity to serve as components within data center storage and server systems. Moreover, their slight footprint, high efficiency, and wide voltage range make them suitable for use in low-profile DC-DC converters.

To learn more, check out our selection of Infineon’s IR3550 Integrated PowIRstage.


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