Infineon IR3550MTRPBF Integrated PowIRstage

As processors, graphics cards, and memory arrays become more sophisticated, they require similarly multifaceted power solutions. Infineon Technologies has addressed that technological need with its IR3550 Integrated PowIRstage. Learn about the features of IR3550 in this article.

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Infineon’s 600V Cool MOS G7 Power Transistor

Since its founding in 1999, Infineon Technologies has consistently strived to develop new and innovative semiconductor products. One of the firm’s notable successes is the 600V CoolMOS C7 Gold (G7) Series Power Transistors. The line of components represents a significant upgrade over previous generations in terms of efficiency, switching speed, and power density. Learn about the features and applications of this powerful series.

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Cypress Semiconductor Acquired by Infineon Following A Security Review

Infineon successfully acquires Cypress Semiconductor in a $10 Billion deal. Despite the concerns regarding the acquisition of Cypress, the U.S. National Security has approved the merger after a review.

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Infineon BCR601: LED Controller Application for the New Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Standard in Smart Buildings

The Infineon BCR601 LED controller is a great solution for building installations and how Smart buildings will be developed and used will necessitate such applications as new and more efficient power conversion architectures and LED driver solutions.

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