KEMET 5G Components

KEMET Electronics Corporation has developed a host of 5G components that will enable OEMs to build the next-generation consumer electronics, industrial equipment, and automobiles.

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Current Market Trends for MLCCs

The existing multi-layer ceramic chip capacitors (MLCCs) market is, well, multilayered. Even though MLCCs have been around since the early 1960s, they’re still considered an emerging technology, given the tremendous advancements in memory, performance, and durability on an annual basis.

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Walsin Microwave Narrow Tolerance MLCCs (UF series) Technical Summary

Walsin offers a complete portfolio of MLCCs to fulfill diversified applications from smartphones, networking devices, automotive electronics, to medical.

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3 Expectations for the MLCC Market

As the first quarter comes to a close in 2019 see how the different sectors of the MLCC market are changing and what the future holds for this valuable component.

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Unprecedented Shortages: Part 1

2018 had a year of unprecedented shortages in the electronic component industry. One of the contributors was the rise in new tech creating a global demand.

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Miniaturization vs Passive Function Integration

The trend towards miniaturization and industry applications are driving leading manufacturers to create smaller parts even as costs continue to climb.

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One Size Doesn't Fit All

A look at MLCC market trends where the need for capacitors is creating a price surge and what to consider when sourcing these valuable products.

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