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Walsin Microwave Narrow Tolerance MLCCs (UF series) Technical Summary

Walsin Microwave Narrow Tolerance MLCCs (UF series) Technical Summary

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Walsin offers a complete portfolio of MLCCs to fulfill diversified applications from smartphones, networking devices, automotive electronics, to medical.

MLCC consists of a conducting material and electrodes. To manufacture a chip-type SMT and achieve miniaturization, high density and high efficiency, ceramic condensers are used. WTC UF series MLCC is used at high frequencies generally have a small temperature coefficient of capacitance,typical within the ±30ppm/°C required for NP0 (C0G) classification, ultra-narrow tolerance of capacitance and have excellent conductivity internal electrode. Thus, WTC UF series MLCC will be with the feature of low ESR and high Q characteristics.


  1. High Q and low ESR performance at high frequency
  2. Ultra low capacitance to 0.05pF
  3. Can offer ultra-narrow tolerance to ±0.02pF
  4. Quality improvement of telephone calls for low power loss and better performance


  1. Telecommunication products & equipment: Mobile phone, WLAN, Base station
  2. RF module: Power amplifier, VCO
  3. Tuners


outline of multi layer ceramic capacitor
Table of dimensions for Walsin's WTC UF series capacitors


table of electrical data for Walsin's WTC UF series capacitors
** Measured at the conditions of 25 degrees C ambient temperature and 30~70% related humidity.


The lead-free termination MLCCs are not only to be used on SMT against lead-free solder paste, but also suitable against lead-containing solder paste. If the optimized solder joint is requested, increasing soldering time, temperature and concentration of N2 within oven are recommended.

recommended soldering conditions for Walsin's wtc uf series capacitors


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