What’s the Difference Between Passive and Active Components? Procurement Professional Driven Education

Do you know what passive devices are? While engineers and designers within your organization know, procurement personnel may not be up to speed with passive devices. If you’ve involved with e-procurement or supply chain processes and your curiosity about passive electronic components is anything but passive, keep reading!

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Yageo to Acquire Competitor Kemet in $1.8 Billion Deal

Taiwan’s Yageo Corporation is set to acquire its U.S. competitor KEMET Corp in $1.8 billion deal with a goal of expanding its global footprint.

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Understanding – and Surviving – Electronic Component Procurement Shortages

Seemingly endless challenges are a given in the global marketplace. But over the past few years, significant efficiency barriers have made e-procurement specialists, engineers, designers, and everyone else rethink “normal” parts supply-and-demand principles.

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Walsin Microwave Narrow Tolerance MLCCs (UF series) Technical Summary

Walsin offers a complete portfolio of MLCCs to fulfill diversified applications from smartphones, networking devices, automotive electronics, to medical.

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How to Make the LED Lighting Design Dim Instead of Flicker Using CCR LED Drivers?

ON Semiconductor has a solution for fixing flickering LED lighting using CCR LED drivers in this illustrative video tutorial.

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Technical Product Overview: Walsin General Purpose Chip Resistors

Walsin offers a complete portfolio of chip resistors to fulfill diversified applications from automotive electronics,smartphones, networking devices, and much more.

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Miniaturization vs Passive Function Integration

The trend towards miniaturization and industry applications are driving leading manufacturers to create smaller parts even as costs continue to climb.

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One Size Doesn't Fit All

A look at MLCC market trends where the need for capacitors is creating a price surge and what to consider when sourcing these valuable products.

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