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5G Components

By 2035, fifth-generation mobile networking technology is predicted to generate $12.3 trillion in global revenue. The 5G market will produce a staggering amount of economic output because it allows for data transmission at rates as high as 1 Gbs. As a result, KEMET Electronics Corporation has developed a host of 5G components that will enable OEMs to build the next-generation consumer electronics, industrial equipment, and automobiles.


Although KEMET has built an entire range of fifth-generation networking components, two particular innovations stand out.

First up, the firm’s HiQ-CBR series of multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs). This line of components features a copper electrode dielectric system that ensures robust stability and phenomenal low loss performance. Besides, these devices provide manufacturers with high self-resonance frequency (SRF) and a minimal erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR).

Furthermore, KEMET produced its HiQ-CBR line with an eye toward maximum versatility. The MLCCs have a remarkably wide frequency range of 1 MHz to 50GHz and can operate within a temperature scope of −55°C to 125°C. Also, OEMs can benefit from the capacitors’ compact footprint; they are available in 0201,0402, 0603, and 0805 case sizes.

The company’s HiQ-CBR MLCCs also boast a capacitance range of 0.1 pF up to100 pF.

Secondly, KEMET offers a variety of high-quality flexible noise suppression sheets that can be very useful in developing new 5G equipment. The firm constructed suppressors with a polymer base and dispersed micron-sized magnetic powders. As such, they are highly effective at quelling electromagnetic resonance and waves.

These thin, flexible suppressor sheets are available in a broad spectrum of frequencies, from MHz to GHz. Moreover, KEMET crafted its suppressors for virtually unlimited utilization so that OEMs can implement them in device construction with minimal installation time.


KEMET’s 5G components have applications in multiple sectors of industry as well as consumer products. 

OEMs can utilize the HiQ-CBR series when assembling delay lines, filter networks, mixers, radio frequency power amplifiers, and timing circuits. As such, the firm’s MLCCs can facilitate the function of 5G cellular base stations and other wireless broadcast equipment. In addition, medical electronics manufacturers would be well served by using these capacitors in their connected offerings because of their high SFR and low ESR.

KEMET’s flex suppressor sheets have an even more extensive range of applications. Indeed, their ability to suppress radiation noise in consumer electronic equipment is incredibly broad. OEMs can use them when developing 5G capable smart phones, PCs, tablets, and smartwatches.

Furthermore, KEMET’s various suppressors are ideal for use in 5G-enabled vehicle networks.Specifically, the flexible sheets capacity to protect against electrostatic discharge and internal interference can optimize the function of next-generation automobile GPS systems.

Very soon, 5G will drive the introduction of a host of game-changing new equipment and devices. And KEMET’s fifth-generation networking components will support their development and deployment.

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