Sourcengine hosts many high-quality capacitors from KEMET and Cornell Dubilier

Sourcengine is now hosting a wide selection of high-quality capacitors from KEMET and Cornell Dubilier. These high-performance passives are available for immediate delivery to help manufacturers overcome their global chip shortage-related challenges.

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KEMET's MPXV Inductor for Electronic Control Units (ECUs)

KEMET's MPXV inductor line (MPXV1D2213L220) is ideal for electric vehicles. As this sector grows, will it be key to recovery from the coronavirus? Learn what the MPXV's versatility can do for your manufacturing needs.

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KEMET 5G Components

KEMET Electronics Corporation has developed a host of 5G components that will enable OEMs to build the next-generation consumer electronics, industrial equipment, and automobiles.

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KEMET Organic Polymer Capacitors (KO-CAP)

Kemet designed its T591, T598, and T599 polymer capacitors to operate in harsh environmental conditions with a voltage range of 2.5 V to 50 V. Sinteredat 1,000° C

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Yageo to Acquire Competitor Kemet in $1.8 Billion Deal

Taiwan’s Yageo Corporation is set to acquire its U.S. competitor KEMET Corp in $1.8 billion deal with a goal of expanding its global footprint.

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