Samwha Provides a Variety of Excellent Capacitors with Great Lead Times

Samwha Capacitor Group has greater availability and lead times than many of its competitors. Plus, its portfolio features alternates for capacitors made by many leading suppliers.

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KEMET 5G Components

KEMET Electronics Corporation has developed a host of 5G components that will enable OEMs to build the next-generation consumer electronics, industrial equipment, and automobiles.

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KEMET Organic Polymer Capacitors (KO-CAP)

Kemet designed its T591, T598, and T599 polymer capacitors to operate in harsh environmental conditions with a voltage range of 2.5 V to 50 V. Sinteredat 1,000° C

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AVX J-CAP Series Capacitors

AVX designed its J-CAP series of surface-mounted capacitors to offer the highest energy per volume on the market within a discreet form factor.

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Murata BBSC/UBSC/ULSC Ultra-Broadband SMT Si Capacitors

Murata BBSC/UBSC/ULSC Ultra-Broadband SMT Si capacitors are offered at Sourcengine. Learn more about Murata capacitors at Sourcengine.

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AVX TCN Series Polymer Capacitors

AVX TCN series capacitors are distinguished by the fact that they offer the industry’s highest continuous current/continuous voltage (CC/CV) rating in a low-profile package.

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Yageo to Acquire Competitor Kemet in $1.8 Billion Deal

Taiwan’s Yageo Corporation is set to acquire its U.S. competitor KEMET Corp in $1.8 billion deal with a goal of expanding its global footprint.

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