Will Electric Vehicles Create a Disconnect for Component Availability?

Now that the automotive marketplace has had enough time to allow practical technology and production schedules to meet predictions from ten years ago, it looks like the electric vehicle era is finally here.

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Understanding – and Surviving – Electronic Component Procurement Shortages

Seemingly endless challenges are a given in the global marketplace. But over the past few years, significant efficiency barriers have made e-procurement specialists, engineers, designers, and everyone else rethink “normal” parts supply-and-demand principles.

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3 Expectations for the MLCC Market

As the first quarter comes to a close in 2019 see how the different sectors of the MLCC market are changing and what the future holds for this valuable component.

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Unprecedented Shortages: Part 2

Why 2018 had a year of unprecedented shortages in the electronic component industry. Part two looks at the contributions created by an increase in mergers and acquisitions.

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Unprecedented Shortages: Part 1

2018 had a year of unprecedented shortages in the electronic component industry. One of the contributors was the rise in new tech creating a global demand.

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Breaking The DRAM Supercycle

Learn how the external forces of China have affected DRAM memory allocations and purchases.

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A Buyer's View on Memory Shortages

A look into how the memory shortages affect potential buyers with pricing continue to rise for memory components.

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One Size Doesn't Fit All

A look at MLCC market trends where the need for capacitors is creating a price surge and what to consider when sourcing these valuable products.

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NAND vs DRAM: A Tale of Two Markets

A review of what is happening in the 2018 DRAM and NAND memory market and how demand for one will lead to price hikes.

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