NXP Debuts Vehicle ‘Safety Cocoon’ Radar Sensor Solutions

NXP's innovative radar sensor components effectively build a 'safety cocoon' around drivers. Learn how this company is revolutionizing driver safety in 2021 and beyond.

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NXP: Ahead of the Ultra-Wideband Curve

Ultra-wideband is a lot like Bluetooth communication protocols. A UWB chip transmits critical data over relatively short distances, allowing electronic devices to talk with each other. Unlike Bluetooth, however, ultra-wideband offers three distinct advantages:

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NXP - LPC5500 - M33 MCU Series

NXP Semiconductors has married next-generation performance with the peace of mind provided by end-to-end encryption with its LPC5500 MCU series. The mass-market family of microcontrollers utilizes ARMs Cortex-M33 technology to provide significantly enhanced architecture, integration, and power consumption compared to prior generation MCUs.

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NXP's NFC Solution for Security in Industrial Automation

NXP has developed an extensive portfolio with over 30 product lines and applications to enable comprehensive solutions at all layers of factory automation including manufacturing, logistics, operations, and edge-cloud.

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NXP Ultra-Wideband (UWB) Technology for Smart Wireless Devices

NXP’s UWB technology enables secure ranging and precision sensing adding spatial context to wireless devices. Processing contextual information such as position, movement and distance enables decision making to take place with high granularity.

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